Department of Chemistry

Sam Houston State University

Huntsville, Texas 77341

Office: (409) 294-1525 FAX: 294-1585



Rice University, Houston, Tx, M.A., Ph.D., Physical Inorganic Chemistry, fully supported by Rice Fellowship, National Institutes of Health Traineeship, and Robert A. Welch Foundation Fellowships.
Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio, B.A., Chemistry (ACS).

Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Tx., Professor of Chemistry. Research in classical transition metal chemistry, and applied environmental chemistry.
Texas Regional Institute for Environmental Studies, Project Manager.
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Tx., Chairman and Professor.
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Tx., Associate Professor.
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Tx, Assistant Professor.
University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, Visiting Assistant Professor. Research in organometallic chemistry with Dr. T. L. Brown.
Rice University, Houston, Tx., Research Assistant. Studied applications of lanthanide shift reagents in carbon-13 N.M.R.

Grants, and Contracts

"Site Investigation of Former Wood Treating Facilities at the Beto, Coffield and Estille Prison Units ", with W. S. Stevens (Environeering, Inc.), from Texas Department of Criminal Justice, $167,930.
"Ellis I Prison Unit, Inactive Landfill Site Investigation", with W. S. Stevens (Environeering, Inc.), from Texas Department of Criminal Justice, $114,000.
"Expert System for Air Permitting Methodologies", with D. Chianis (Environeering, Inc.), through the Texas Regional Institute for Environmental Studies, $122,000.
"Program for the Development and Demonstration of the Nitrogen Removal (NitRem) Process on Department of Defense Wastes" with R. White, through the National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence, $3,000,000.
"Development of a Heterogeneous Multimedia Network" from the Loral Vought Systems Corporation", $50,000.
"FTIR Spectroscopy of Atmospheric Pollutants" from the LTV Missiles and Electronics Group, with B. Covington, $65,000.
"Chemistry Departmental Grant" from the Robert A. Welch Foundation, $225,000.
"Technical Assistance in the Stabilization and Encapsulation of Hazardous Waste Program, RES-Tx", with Rollins Environmental Services, $23,200.
"Secondary Science Curriculum Revision", Huntsville Independent School District, $3,000.
JOEL FT-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer, from the Dow Chemical Company, approximately $85,000, with R. White.
Grant for Computer Equipment, Intel Corporation, $7,500.
Varian 1H NMR Spectrometer, from the Texaco Chemical Company, approximately $30,000, with R. White.
"The Dow Chemical Company Foundation Scholarship Grant", $30,000.
National Science Foundation, (NSF), CAUSE , with J. Wilson, $175,000.
NSF, Student Science Training Program, a Summer Program with R. Mc Neese, $55,000 (NSF), $55,000 (Faculty Research).
"Studies of Lanthanide Coordination Chemistry", from the Robert A. Welch Foundation, $52,000.

University Service

Member, Board of Directors, Texas Regional Institute for Environmental Studies, Huntsville, Tx.
Chair, Curriculum Steering Committee, Chemistry Program.
Chemistry, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
Pre-Dentistry Advisor.
Academic Affairs Council, Chemistry Representative.
NASA Conference for Distinguished Educators, Winter Park and Cape Kennedy Launch Facility, Fl.
Institutional Representative for SHSU ROTC at Advanced Camp, Ft. Riley, Kansas.
Member Faculty Senate, College of Arts & Sciences Representative.
National Nominating Committee, Sigma Xi National Research Society
General Studies Advisor
Board Member, Wesley Student Center.
President, SHSU Authorized Club, Sigma Xi Research Society.
Member of Faculty Council, College of Science Representative, Vice President 1981-82.
Science Director, Huntsville Enrichment Activities Program.
Vice President, SHSU Authorized Club, Sigma Xi Research Society.
Pre-Dentistry Advisor, presenter in the MCAT, DAT Review sessions.
Science Director, University Interscholastic League, Region III - Conference AAA.
Advisor, SHSU Chapter, American Chemical Society Student Affiliates.
High School Science Symposium Committee, Chair 1985


Have served on numerous university, college, and departmental committees.
Some of these committees include:

Professional Academic Publications

1. "Methodology Guidance Document for Preparation of Federal Operating Permits at U.S. Army Installations", with D. Chianis (Environeering, Inc.), for U.S. Army, Industrial Operations Command, October 9, 1996. [As the culmination of the TRIES air quality effort, this was the major TRIES contract deliverable to Industrial Operations Command.]

2. "Fundamental Concepts in the Teaching of Chemistry, Part 1: The Two Worlds of the Chemist Make Nomenclature Manageable," Journal of Chemical Education, 66, 1989.

3. Laboratory Manual for Chemistry 111, published locally 1984-92. Laboratory Manual for Chemistry 118, with T. Chasteen, 1992-

4. Laboratory Manual for Chemistry 119, with T. Zernicek, published locally 1984-92

5. Summer Science Enrichment: A Survey of Science and Society, a laboratory manual, edited with R. McNeese, published locally, 1981

6. "Cobalt-59 Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectra and Low Temperature 13C Magnetic Resonance of X3SnCo(CO)4 Compounds," J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 98, 629 (1976), with T.L. Brown.

7. "Contact vs. Pseudocontact Contributions to Lanthanide Induced Shifts in the NMR Spectra of Isoquinoline and of Indo-norbornenol," J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 98, 4250, 1976, with O. A. Gansow, M. R. Willcott, R. E. Lenkinski, R. E. Davis.

8. "Evaluation of Lanthanide Induced Carbon-13 Contact vs. Pseudocontact NMR Shifts," J. Chem. Soc., 95, 3389, (1973), with O. A. Gansow, M. R. Willcott, R. E. Lenkinski, R. E. Davis.

9. "Evidence for Europium Induced Fermi Contact Shifts is Carbon-13 NMR Spectra," J. Chem. Soc., 95, 3390, (1973), with O. A. Gansow, M. R. Willcott, R. E. Lenkinski, R. E. Davis.

10. "Carbon-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Strained Olefins, "Tetrahedron Letters, 4481, (1982), with W. Beckenbaugh and S Wilson.

11. "Fluorine-19 NMR Study of the TiClxF(4-x) system in dimethoxyethane and dichloromethane," Inorganic Chemistry, 11, 2481, (1972), with R. Borden and D. Dyer.

Presentations at Professional Meetings and Organizations

1. "The Nitrogen Removal (NitRem) Project and DOD Wastes," invited presentation to Major General Thomas L. Prather and the Office of Research, Development and Engineering, U.S. Army Materiel Command, Alexandria, Virginia, April 12, 1994.

2. "Application of Hydrothermal Technology to Navy Shipboard Wastes," with Alex Fassbender, invited presentation to Naval Surface Warfare Group, David Taylor Research Center, Annapolis, Maryland, October 7, 1994.

3. "Engineering Design and Fabrication Considerations for the Dual Shell Pressure Balanced Reactor," with M. A. Qazi, invited presentation for Quarterly In-Progress Review, National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, October 26-28, 1994.

4. "A Conceptual Plan for a Technology Development Center," invited presentation to Industrial Associates Meeting of the Gulf Coast Hazardous Substance Research Center at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas, November 30, 1994.

5. "Destruction of Radford Army Ammunition Plant Wastes Using the NitRem Process," with Rick C. White, Pacific Northwest Laboratories, Richland, Washington, December 6, 1994.

6. "Hydrothermal Destruction of Red Water and Other Munition Wastes", Office of Naval Research/SHSU Scientific Symposium, 1993.

7. "Conceptually Unifying an Introductory Course," American Chemical Society Regional Meeting, Corpus Christi, Tx, 1988.

8. "The Torturous Trail Toward the Truth: Prescriptions for Classroom Teachers in Science Education", with C. Manka, Thomas Alva Edison Foundation, 21st Conference for the Advancement of Science Education, Huntsville, Tx., April 1988.

9. "General Chemistry," Two Year Community College Chemistry Regional Conference (2YC3), November 11, 1998, Houston, Tx. 10. "Computer Assisted Laboratory Study of the Silver-Silver Acetate System," with M.C. Banta, Texas Academy of Sciences Meeting, Stephen F. Austin State Univ., 1983.

11. "Characterization of Lanthanide-Cyclam Complexes," Texas Academy of Sciences, Stephen F. Austin State Univ., 1983.

12. "Graphic Simulations in Advanced Chemistry Laboratories," American Chemical Society Southwest Regional Meeting, Education Section, San Antonio, 1982.

13. "Fire, Smoke and Pretty Colors: A Lecture Demonstration", Keynote Speaker, Ninth Annual SHSU High School Science Symposium, Huntsville, March 1982.

14. "Lanthanide Complexes of 1,3,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane," ACS Southwest Regional Meeting, Inorganic Section, San Antonio, 1982.

15. "Graphic Simulations using Apple II High Resolution Graphics, "Texas Academy of Sciences Meeting, with M.C. Banta, San Angelo, 1982.

16. "Oscillating Chemical Reactions," Texas Academy of Sciences Meeting, San Angelo, Tx., 1982.

17. "Information Management with Microcomputers," Probation Academy Workshop, Criminal Justice Center, Huntsville, Tx., 1982.

18. "Microcomputers in a Laboratory Setting," Seminar Program, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, 1982.

19. "Graphic Simulations on the Tektronic 4052 for Upper Division Laboratories," American Association of Physics Teachers Meeting, Ft. Worth, 1981.

20. "Science and Society," Sam Houston State Faculty Forum, Huntsville, 1980.

21. "Classroom Demonstrations in Chemistry," Conference on the Advancement of Science Teaching, Science Teachers Association of Texas, Waco, 1979.

22. "A Learning Cycle for Solution Chemistry," College Science Teaching and the Development of Reasoning, AAAS-NSF Chautauqua Course, UT Austin, 1978.

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