Professor of Chemistry

Sam Houston State University

photograph of Dr. Paul A. Loeffler

Greetings! I'm simply in my office, enjoying the day.

Where you can generally find me:

Rm. F-222 in the Department of Chemistry at Sam Houston State University

(Pardon the mess on my desk, but ........

a tidy desk is one sure sign of an idle mind!)

How to get me via phone:

Voice: 936-294-1525 FAX: 936-294-4996

About Me ...

Academic Background:

Ph.D. : : Rice University in Physical-Inorganic Chemistry (1973).

B.A. : : Wittenberg University (1969), a Liberal Arts insitution located in Springfield, Ohio.

Academic Experience:

1998-2001 : Professor of Chemistry and Project Manger at the Texas Regional Institute for Environmental Studies (TRIES) at SHSU ;

Directed toward collaborative efforts to address regional and border, environmental focus areas.

Jan. 1995- : Professor of Chemistry at Sam Houston State University;

Research interests in Inorganic & Environmental Chemistry

1985-95 : Chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Professor of Chemistry

1975-86 : Assistant/Associate Professor; Research in Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Education

1973-75 : Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois; Research in Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry and Chemical Education

Teaching Responsibilities:

CHM 135-6 : : Introductory Chemistry for the Non-Science majors

CHM 138-9 : : General Chemistry for Science & Engineering majors

Link to Chemistry 138 Sections 02, 03 and 05 for Fall 2001

CHM 367 : : : Inorganic Chemistry for CHM majors and minors

CHM 467 : : : Advanced Inorganic Chemistry for ACS certified CHM majors

CHM 495 : : : Undergraduate Research

CHM 574 : : : Chemistry of Coordination Compounds

CHM 585 : : : Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry

CHM 698/9 : : Graduate Research & Thesis

Recent University Responsibilities:

1999- :: Project Director of an applied research effort supported by Foster-Wheeler Environmental Corporation to evaluate commercial processes for extraction of ammonia from aqueous waste streams. These wastes might be from municipal waste water treatment plants or large agricultural operations.

1997-2000 : : Project Manager of an environmental site assessment team consisting of SHSU, Envirorneering, Inc. and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) whose projects include evaluation of an inactive landfill and several former wood treating facilities.

1995-1998 : : Project Manager of the TRIES Air Quality Project Team consisting of SHSU, U.S. Army Industrial Operations Command, and Environeering Inc to develop an expert system for permitting ammunitions plants and depots and to assist in addressing Title V Federal Operating Permitting issues.

1993-1998 : : Project Manager of the NitRem Project, a cooperative effort with the U.S. Army, Battelle-Pacific Northwest Laboratories and ThermoEnergy Corporation to demonstrate hydrothermal chemistry.

1995-97 : : Development responsibilities in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs identifying new opportunities for the University. These include the creation of the Environmental Technology Development Center, a cooperative effort with Texas City, and the establishment of formal relationships between the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and the university.

For a full Vitae, click here.

Other Activities:

I have always been interested in and close to my family. My daughter is a manager of quality with Diosynth, Inc. in Research Triangle, North Carolina and my son has just finishing a sea tour with the USS Kentucky, an Ohio class submarine and will be assigned to theNuclear Power School in Charleston, South Carolina. Consequently we find ourselves traveling quite frequently.

While at home I love to spend time in my shop with a wide variety of woodworking projects, most recently these have focused on the construction of small boats, the last of which was a touring kayak , or dingy cradles for my nephews and grandchildren.

I have several extensive collections such as old tools and chemistry books ( and my wife would add boats to this list ( 3 canoes, 1 kayak, 2 sail boats, 2 skiffs and a family power boat.))

Finally, we spend as much time as we can relaxing at our cottage on Lake Limestone in central Texas. Here I like fishing, both real fishing,"worm danglin', trot linin', jug fishin'" and fly fishing. Of course,best of all is "messing about in boats, simply messing ... nothing seems to matter, that's the charm of it."