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Steps to Take to Enter the Alternative Route to Certification Program


Steps to Take to Enter the Alternative Route to Certification Program

  • Send official copies of all transcripts to Molly Doughtie for an evaluation. Along with the transcripts, send a letter stating the teaching field and grade levels of interest. Example: “Please evaluate my transcripts for the grades 4 – 8 Math certification program.” Molly Doughtie's address is: P.O. Box 2119 , Sam Houston State University , Huntsville , TX , 77341 .
  • When Molly Doughtie completes the transcript evaluation, she will send you a certification plan for the grade levels and teaching field you indicated. The courses that you will need to complete to become certified will be listed on the certification plan.
  • After receiving your certification plan, apply to Graduate Studies through the Office of Graduate Studies. On the Graduate Studies Application, you will need to mark that you are not seeking a graduate degree. You will mark that you are seeking certification. Your proposed area of study will be Certification through Curriculum and Instruction. You will also need to send official copies of all transcripts to the Office of Graduate Studies
  • If your certification plan file is complete and you have submitted all other requirements, you will be admitted to graduate studies as a post baccalaureate certification student.
  • During your first 12 graduate hours you need to maintain at least a 3.0 graduate grade point average. You can decide if you want to apply your graduate hours to a graduate degree during the first 12 graduate hours.
  • If, during the first 12 graduate hours, you decide you want to apply your graduate hours to the Master of Education (M.ED.) in Curriculum and Instruction degree, you must fill out a new application to Graduate Studies. On your new application you must mark that you do intend to pursue a graduate degree and mark the M.ED. degree box.
  • When you process the new Graduate Studies application and submit 1 letter of recommendation, you will be regularly admitted into the M.ED. program and your 12 graduate hours will then be applied to your degree plan.

List of the courses that are part of the Certification Program.


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