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Please give careful consideration to all of the advice offered, make your revisions, and upload your final manuscript in the Editiorial Manager. If you make significant revisions of your own at this point please include a summary of the changes in your cover letter when you submitt your revision. If you decide not to incorporate any significant changes based on the comments or suggestions of the Editorial Board then please include a brief explanation in your cover letter when you submitt your revision.

Only eps or tif files are acceptable for figures (eps is best).  If this affects your figures, please make the appropriate conversion at this time.  If the software you use to draw your figures can save them in eps format, it is usually best to create the files that way (rather than saving them in some other format and then converting to eps, which often results in lower quality).  Exception: if your figures are done using LaTeX's picture environment (or similar code), we don't need eps files.

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