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Matthew Rowe

Matthew P. Rowe
Behavioral Ecology
Ph.D., University of California - Davis

Office: LDB 143
(936) 294-4250
(936) 294-3940


Research Interests

My research in behavioral ecology uses integrative approaches to study coevolution between predators and prey. These dynamic interactions show remarkable sophistication, from ground squirrels using rattling they provoke in rattlesnakes to assess the body size and temperature of their reptilian enemies, to grasshopper mice capable of feeding on highly neurotoxic scorpions because of subtle modifications in the mouse's peripheral nerves. My conservation biology research examines habitat selection and habitat requirements in vertebrates. My two interests are not as disparate as they first appear; basically, I am fascinated by the relationships among species within a community.


Recent Selected Publications

Carlson, B.E. & M.P. Rowe.  2009.  Temperature and desiccation effects on the antipredator behavior of Centruroides vittatus (Scorpiones: Buthidae).  Journal of Arachnology 37:321-330. pdf

Rowe, A.H., & M.P. Rowe. 2008. Physiological resistance of grasshopper mice (Onychomys spp.) to Arizona bark scorpion (Centruroides exilicauda) venom. Toxicon 52:597-605. pdf

Clucas, B., D.H. Owings & M.P. Rowe. 2008. Donning your enemy's cloak: ground squirrels exploit rattlesnake scent to reduce predation risk. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B 275: 847-852. pdf

Clucas, B., M.P. Rowe, D.H. Owings & P.C. Arrowood. 2008. Snake scent application in ground squirrels (Spermophilus spp.): a novel from of antipredator behavior? Animal Behaviour 75: 299-307. pdf

Bulluck, J.F. & M.P. Rowe. 2006. The use of southern Appalachian wetlands by breeding birds, with a focus on neotropical migrant species. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 118: 399-410. pdf

Rowe, A.H. & M.P. Rowe. 2006. Risk assessment by grasshopper mice (Onychomys spp.) feeding on neurotoxic prey (Centruroides spp.). Animal Behaviour 71: 725-734. pdf


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Summer Field Crew 2009 SRER
pic 02
SRER Cabin
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Small Mammal Trap
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Melissa and Coachwip
pic 05
Fishhook Cactus Flower
pic 06
Tiger Rattlesnake Summer 2009
pic 07
Checking the Trap Line
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Valerie Checking Traps
pic 09
Jumping Cholla on Dr. Rowe
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Field Crew Summer 2009


Rock Squirrel Anointing


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