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Alumni Survey

Greetings from the Department of Biological Sciences at Sam Houston. Now that you've graduated, the faculty would like to know how you feel about the education you received in our programs and what type of career you have begun. Alumni information and opinions are very important to us because we will use them as a basis for making changes that will improve the quality of our programs. In short, we absolutely must have information of this type to help maintain the quality of our program. For example, we must know what type of job skills are important, what kind of job opportunities exist for our graduates, and what type of salaries they can earn. So, this is your chance to make a positive difference for students who follow in your footsteps at Sam Houston. Thank you for helping us.

Your answers are anonymous. All questions are optional. Please only complete this survey once. Thank you.

2. Graduation Year 3. Major/s Minor/s 4. Location (City & State) of High school

5a. Did you transfer to Sam Houston from another university/junior college?

5b. If yes, what was the name and location of that college?

6. Please rank the following factors in terms of their importance in your decision to major in biology or environmental science at Sam Houston:

7a. Did you attend graduate school or professional school upon completion of your undergraduate degree?

7b. If yes:

Name of school

8a. Where are you presently employed?

Name of Company

8b. What is your job title?

8c. What is your current salary range? (optional)

8d. How long did it take you to find your first full-time job after graduating?


8e. Was your first full-time job related to biology or environmental science?

9a. Is your current job related to biology or environmental science?

9b. If you are currently employed in a field related to biology or environmental science, please rank your level of job satisfaction in terms of the following criteria:



Opportunities for advancement:

Nature of work and responsibilities:

Level of intellectual challenge:

Opportunities to use your degree:

10. If you are NOT currently employed in a job related to your major or minor, please indicate why by putting a check by the relevant reasons given below.

I was unable to find a job in my major or minor field in the area in which I was willing to live.
I was unable to find a job in my major or minor field that paid an adequate salary.
I decided that I would rather work in a different field.


Written communication:

Knowledge of subject:

Interpretation of scientific literature:

Quantitative skills:

Analytical and reasoning abilities:

Computer and other technology skills:

Ability to work with others

12. What courses were NOT available in the department which you feel should be a part of the biology or environmental science curriculum at Sam Houston in order to better prepare students for a career? Please indicate why.

Overall quality of your instruction in the department:

Overall quality of advisement in the department:

Degree to which the department prepared you for work:

Overall quality of your education in the department:

15. Did you participate in any of the following during your time at SHSU (please check all that apply):

BIO 495 (independent research)
BIO 494/ENV 461 (internship)
Honor's Thesis
REU Program
Research Volunteer

16. Would you recommend the SHSU Department of Biological Sciences to others seeking a biology or environmental science degree?

Why or why not?

Thank you again for helping us!

If you have any additional comments or suggestions, please write them in the
space below. We appreciate the time you have taken to fill out this survey. Your responses are very important to us.


One last request: If you know the whereabouts of any of your fellow Sam Houston biology or environmental science graduates, please forward us their contact information (name with address, phone number, E-mail address and/or place of employment) or ask them to contact us. We are trying to keep track of everyone. Thanks!

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