Dr. William I. Lutterschmidt


Biostatistics (BIO 474) is a course that introduces biologists to basic statistical methods and their application to real biological problems. As for any good course in Biometry, students will: become familiar with statistical terminology; be introduced to concepts in experimental design and hypotheses testing; and learn statistical procedures for describing and summarizing data. More importantly, this course will focus on identifying different experimental designs and learning which statistical procedures are most appropriate for data analyses. Thus this course in Biometry will focus on the application of statistics in biology and not the mathematical theory and derivation of statistical equations. Topics will include descriptive statistics, probability, distributional analyses, analysis of variance, correlation and regression,and frequency analysis. The use of computers and statistical software will be greatly encouraged in this course.

Prerequisites for this course include MTH 170 and 8 hours of biology course credit.

Lecture Syllabus