Human Physiology

Dr. William I. Lutterschmidt


  • Minimum grade of C in Human Anatomy (BIO 245).
  • This course may NOT be applied for biology major credit and is open only to students seeking degrees in nursing, physical therapy, and physical education.

Lecture: This course will help students identify and understand the function of several important human organ systems and how these systems maintain homeostasis.  Topics and the mechanisms involving circulation, digestion, metabolism, muscle action and respiration will receive the most emphasis.  This course is designed to emphasize a clinical knowledge of physiology and techniques required by students studying nursing, physical therapy, and related health fields. (3 Credit Hours)

Laboratory:  Laboratory sessions are an important part of your educational experience and will therefore account for a third of your grade in this course.  Laboratory sessions will help you understand and appreciate the techniques used to study the physiological processes of vertebrates with an emphasis on humans.  Laboratory sessions will also introduce critical aspects of experimentation and how to collect, analyze, and evaluated data. (1 Credit Hour)

Lecture Syllabus

Laboratory Syllabus

Laboratory Problem Sets

Example Statistics Solution - Problem 1.1