Summary of Teaching Effectiveness

Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor (Sam Houston State University)

        Economics of Public Finance and Public Policy (Syllabus)

       Business Analysis (Syllabus)

Lecturer (Rider University, NJ)

        Statistical Methods II (Syllabus)

Lecturer (UC Riverside)

        Introduction to Microeconomics (Syllabus)

Introduction to Environmental Economics (Syllabus)

Industrial Organization (Syllabus)

Statistics for Economics (Syllabus)

Teaching Assistant (UC Riverside)

      Graduate courses:

Microeconomic Theory I

Microeconomic Theory III

Macroeconomic Theory II

      Undergraduate courses:

Microeconomic Theory I

Macroeconomic Theory I

Introduction to Macroeconomics (Winter 2007)

Environmental Economics III (Spring 2007)

Introduction to Microeconomics (Spring 2007, Fall 2005)