Falling to Earth

Commerce Street Art Warehouse

March 10-29, 2007

opening reception Saturday March 10, 7-9pm

Falling to Earth is an exhibit of four artists whose work references the landscape of the earth from non-traditional and alternate points of view. Their works displace viewers from in front of the “window” of the canvas and reposition them in spaces where the landscape is fluid and abstract and refers to the body, time, and the act of creation.

Martin Amorous is a painter who lives in Willis, Texas. paints In his large works, poured paint that washes and bleeds across the canvas. Landscapes appear in the veils of paint, but the works teeter back and forth between deep vistas and flat abstractions.

Brian Benfer uses the earth itself to create installations and objects. In his installation for the show, Benfer will throw clay on the walls and floor of the space, placing the viewer in a form that has come out of the earth. He lives in Huntsville, Texas.

In Robin Dru Germany’s work, night photographs of  plants in the forest become weird abstract images that seem more like interiors of the body or medical illustrations than landscapes. These digital prints have an alien quality. Germany lives in Slaton, Texas.

Michael Henderson uses digital video and computer animation to create works that involve nature, time and language. His loops of geometry, landscape, and language have no clear beginning or end and can become paradoxical as the perceived beginning and end shift in time. Henderson lives in Huntsville and Houston, Texas.

The exhibit itself is intended to form a ‘meta-narrative’. As the viewer passes through the gallery, they will visually descend from the sky, into a dark alien forest, out into an open, yet abstract landscape and into the earth. It was organized by Michael Henderson. For more information contact mhenderson@shsu.edu