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Unit 3: Scientific Methods and Laboratory Activities

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Unit 3 Overview            
Lesson Plan Day 1   Scientific Method day 1 Using Scientific Method Worksheet Day 1      
Lesson Plan Day 2   Scientific Method Day 2 Hypothisis Worksheet Day 2      
Lesson Plan Day 3     Scientific Method Worksheet Day 3      
Lesson Plan Day 4            
Lesson Plan Day 5        

Presentation Rubric

Peer Evaluation

Additional Resources
  Microscope Use     Scientific Method Test    
Scientific Investigation Part 1 Writing Hypothesis Scientific Investigation Part 1     Scientific Method Study Guide I Have Who Has Lab Equipment
Scientific Investigation Part 2   Scientific Investigation Part 2       Scientific Inquiry Terminology Match Game
Scientific Method   Scientific Method Part 1       Scientific Method Activity Lab Thumb Wrestling
    Scientific Method Part 2       Scientific Method Lab SpongeBob
Qualitative vs. Quantitative           Collecting Data and Graph Findings (M&Ms Lab)
Determing pH            
Analyzing Graphs            
Microscope MIcroscope Cards          
How to Use a Microscope     Microscope Review      
      Lab Write Up      
  Egg Drop Experiment