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Unit 11: Livestock Harvesting

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Slaughter Dressing of Livestock Electrical Stimulation

Beef Harvest


Making Hot Dogs (Video)

Preparing Livestock for Slaughter   Meat Processing Videos        
Humane Methods of Slaughter

Beef Fabrication


Processing a side of Beef (Video)
    Retail Cuts Key  
    Part 1 Grass Fed Slaughterhouse (Video)        
    Part 2 Butcher Processing Beef (Video)        
Egg Processing   Egg Processing   Egg Processing    
Poultry Processing   Poultry Processing   Poultry Processing    
Cuts of Meats and By-Products Retail Beef Cuts Hog and Chicken Processing Meat Crossword     Cuts of Meat Investigation
Instrucional Plan Retail Lamb Cuts Meat the Truth Video Meat Tenderizing Lab      
  Beef Carcass and its bones Muscle Jeopardy Muscle Worksheet      
  Beef Carcass and its cuts Muscle Used for Meat Processing Quiz      
    Slaughter Overview and Cuts of Beef        
    Terms Related to Harvesting Livestock        
    Texas Meat Inspection        
    USDA Inspection