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Please send an e-mail to Dr. Tracy Steele,, or Dr. Mitzi Mahoney,, if you have other companies to be added to the list.  The information concerning producers of question sets and buzzer systems is provided solely for the aid and convenience of members of the Texas Academic Challenge Network.  No endorsement of the quality or reliability of any product or service is intended.

Question Set Companies

Academic Challenge
P.O. Box 4603
Rock Hill, SC 29713(803) 328-8554
Academic Hallmarks
P.O. Box 998
Durango, CO 81302
(800) 321-9218
Brain Brawl Challenge
Box 3
Cowley, WY 82420
(307) 548-6334
(800) 294-6463
Bryce Avery
President, Avery Enterprises, Inc.
P.O. Box 238
Johnstown CO 80534
Call us toll-free! (877) 302-0535
Kentucky Association for Academic Competition
256 Academic Services Building
Kentucky State University
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 597-6546
National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC
R. Robert Hentzel, President and Chief Technical Officer
Patrick's Press
Mr. John Campbell
P.O. Box 5189
2218 Wynnton Road
Columbus, GA  31906
FAX (706)322-5806
The Question Well
687 Burke Avenue
Prestonburg, KY 41653
Questions Unlimited
Mr. Chip Beall, Executive Director
P.O. Box 14798
Columbus, Ohio 43214
FAX (614)846-1755
Quiz Quest
Mr. Greg Chapman
P.O. Box 302
Rainsville, AL 35986
(256)840-4134 or
Sage Enterprises
Mr. Joe Staggs
35 Stockbridge Road
Slingerlands, NY 12159
Phone & FAX:  1-518-475-1550
Triple Q Questions
P.O. Box 305
Vienna, IL 62995
(618) 949-3888

Buzzer System Companies

Anderson Enterprises
2331Linden Drive
Salina, KS 67401
(785) 827-3014
Grainland Inc.
234 Lincoln Avenue
Clay Center, KS 67432
(785) 632-3101
(800) 247-7698
Logitek Electronics
3320 Bering Drive
Houston, TX 77057
(800) 231-5870
ZeeCraft Tech.
R.D. #2, Box 157H
New Milford, PA 18834
FAX (717)465-7674


The following information comes from: The Academic Competition Newsletter, Volume VIII, Issue , Sept. 2001 Editors:  Jay Anderson, Willie Chen, Gaius Stern

For this issue I have assembled a list of the 8 cheapest buzzer systems I could come across on the Web.  I do not necessarily recommend these products, but they cost less than most of the other systems on the market. Basically all of them are no thrills units, meaning they lack individual player lights and other spiffy features.  They cost $300 or less for 8 player units.   Nota bene:  many companies distribute more than one type of system, so you might find more deluxe units are available. Next month I will run a list of intermediate units which start at $325 (8 players) and run up to $500.  Many of those units have some special features.  Much of this information has been copied out of the ACF newsletter 6.1 two years back, which in turn was reprinted from earlier ACF West newsletters.  The systems listed below are in alphabetical order, not order of preference.

(1)  Funtronics       "Power Play System IV"     UTAH
This system can be ordered in sizes of 8 or 16 players.  Each player signals by striking a small 2.5 inch wide disk (very durable, they say) to ring in.  The system is able to tell who slapped second in case the first player gives a wrong answer.   The system also keeps score of each team throughout and of each player.   Currently the webpage says they are out of stock, but are about to
market a new system called "Responder 2000."
Major advantages:   durability
Special features:   uses disks instead of buttons to signal.
Price:    $299.00 for 8 players
ESI Associates
21 East 1575 North
Orem,    UT   84057
(801) 765-1980  toll free  (888-386-8766)

Fax (801) 765-1981


(2)  Groupics         Lit'l Buzz System  VIRGINIA
This is a no frills system.  It is 7 inches by 5 by 1.5.  Pretty small and it has small lights on the console to identify the players.
The buzzer is a 2 person system, but it can be connected to up to 3 other like systems so that up to 32 players could compete if one had multiple systems.  It runs on batteries or with a plug to the wall. Major advantages:  easy to carry
Special features:  can run on batteries, can expand for more players
Price:  $285 for 8 player Millenium Buzzer; $425 for 10 players

400 Ivy Cresant
Chesapeake, VA 23325
1-888-497-2637 or   (757) 424-4020 or 4021

FAX (757) 424-6047

(3)  Jem Designs  "BRZ 200"  Ontario, CANADA

This buzzer company models a fairly deluxe system at a low price.  Each plater has a little box with a button and a light which will
help the audience see who has signaled first.  The light may not be that big, but for practice or regular tournament matches, it is big
enough.  Each players box is strung to that of the player beside and player #1 is attached to the moderator console.  It also has an auto reset feature after 3 seconds which will let new players buzz in (i.e. temporary lock-out).  Shipping is via FedEx International Economy service, for $30.00 USD. This service takes two to three days to ship to most US locations.
Major advantages:  has lights in front of each player to aid recognition
Special features:  auto reset
Price:  $230 for 8 players  (ask about larger units) + $30 shipping.  (current exchange rates)



*** Patricks Press (see Specialty Design Corp.)

(4)  Quizsystems        "Model 2000" Pomona, CALIFORNIA

This is the "no frills system."  UC Irvine had one of these.  It requires some assembly.  Moderators panel has small lights which show which team rang in.  Players have a box connected by cable to moderators box.  Each player has a small light bulb on his box which locks out other players once you press the button to ring in.
Major advantages:   compact, light weight design
Special features:   expands easily
Price:     (Economy)  8 players   $240; 10 players $270; +$15 per additional player
Battery Power Unit With Charger             $40.
     Applicable Sales Tax, if any, NOT included
     Add Shipping Charge ($10) in 48 States   
One Year Guarantee

Quizsystems (William Korthof)
PO Box 2911
Seal Beach CA, 90740



(5)  Quiztime         "Quiztime Box" MICHIGAN
This company has several different models, the 250, the AJ 350 and the AJ 450.  Instead of boxes or hand signals it uses "seat pads" which are big floppy pads which you pound to signal.  There is less danger of them falling and breaking as with other indicators.  The seat pads come in strings of 5 and attach to the console which has small lights on it to tell who was first.
Major advantages:   battery powered so electricity not needed
Special features:     seat pads
Price:    $175 + shipping for 10 players;  $220 + shipping for 15;   $270 + for 20.
Quiz-Time Systems
P.O. Box 551
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49023

616-925-1357 or  toll free 888-925-9255

(6)  Shelty Systems          "The Buzz Box"          Ontario, CANADA

This system is a a no frills basic kit.  Its price is pretty low, even if you are in the US and must pay extra shipping charges from
Canada.  Players activate buzzer with thumb.  It runs on a 6 volt adapter.
Major advantages:  None
Special features:  None
Price:   8 player model =  $330.00 Canadian  ( = approx. $250 US)

Shelty Systems

21 Maida Vale Avenue
Scarborough, Ontario
M1K 2X6

Phone/Fax: (416)751-6208

Web site:

(7)  Specialty Design Corp. "basic system"  ALABAMA
Each player presses a thumb activated, hand held buzzer which runs to the moderators console. The lights on the console will tell who rang in first.  The people who run this company are very nice and will give a discount (10% I think) for people who say Gaius Stern referred them.  Specialty Design Corporation is an ASCA sponsor.  The deluxe system is more elaborate.  Each players hand held buzzer is connected to a fire siren-type light in front of him/her.  This makes it  easy for the audience to see who rang in.  Berkeley has this system so contact them if you have questions.
THIS IS THE SAME SYSTEM as Patrick's Press
Major advantage:  very portable.
Special features:  None
Price:  (Basic only)  x8 players  =  $289 with shipping    x10 players = $399
2 teams of 6 or 3 teams of 4 = $428.
Specialty Design Corp.  ALSO     Patrick's Press  (John Campbell)
715 N. 19th Street
PO Box 5189

Bessemer, Alabamas 35020
Columbus GA,  31906

Phone 205-428-1224 or 428-1223
800-654-1052; Fax 706-322-5806

Wats 1-800-284-6377


(8)  Triple Q      "Show Me Smart"  ILLINOIS

Two players share a bar with two lights on it.  Each player has their own hand held joystick with thumb pressed button.  Automatically resets after 2 seconds.  Expands indefinitely to allow as Many players as needed.  One year manufacturer's warranty on defects in material and workmanship, assuming normal use.
Major advantages:   has lights for each player
Special features:   can expand indefinitely
Price:    Eight Players $240;  Ten Players $290
Additional light bars - $50 each   Additional adapters - $25 each Additional 4 ft. extenders - $5 each

SHOW ME Lights   (Rick and Regina Allen)
P.O.Box 305
Vienna, IL 62995-0305

Phone/Fax: (618) 949-3888



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