About the Project

The Web Optimization Project was formed in 2012 and is the result of a collaboration between Academic Affairs, SHSU Online, and the Division of Enrollment Management.

The main goals of the Web Optimization Project are:

  • Establish a higher ranking for SHSU programs on search engines.
  • Optimize the SHSU collection of websites to drive enrollment, beginning with online and graduate programs.
  • Eliminate process barriers for students who cannot physically come to campus or engage during traditional business hours.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of SHSU websites.
Plotting growth for SHSU programs.

Key Outcomes to Date

  • Mobile-friendly Responsive web pages
  • Improved navigation and tools for prospective students including:
    • Cascading Menus That Elevate Key Content To The Level of the Home Page
    • Improved SHSU Search Engine
    • Redesigned SHSU Catalogs
  • New web tools that drive traffic to SHSU Online programs, increasing Google referrals to SHSU program landing pages 62%.
    • Searchable Directory of Academic Program Options
    • New “Getting Started” Section to Help Prospective Students
    • New “Orientation” Section to Direct New Students to Appropriate Orientation Events On Campus
Newly redesign SHSU Online websites helps to increase enrollment in online programs.
  • 98% of SHSU academic websites have been migrated into the WebCMS. Benefits include:
    • Improved Web Tools for Academic Departments
    • Consistent User Experience for Students, Faculty, and Staff
    • Sites optimized for search engines (though SEO is an ongoing process).
  • Overall, Search Engine Rankings for Specific Program-Related Keywords Have Improved 27% Over the Last 18 Months
  • Hundreds of SHSU Websites Have Been Redesigned Including the SHSU Home Page

During the summer of 2013, the Taskforce implemented an aggressive online marketing campaign to drive enrollment to academic programs. Since the launch the online marketing campaign, there have been:

  • 1,900


  • 468


  • 126


Last updated July 2, 2015


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Project Timeline

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Project Taskforce & Committee


    • Elisa Crossland
    • Co-Chair, Web Optimization Project
    • Executive Director, Marketing, Communication & Media Services
    • SHSU Online / DELTA Center
    • Dr. Leah Mulligan
    • Co-Chair, Web Optimization Project
    • Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management Communications
    • Division of Enrollment Management


    • Emily Schulze Binetti
    • Marketing Coordinator
    • College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication
    • Stephanie Bluth
    • Director of Academic Communications
    • Office of Graduate Studies
    • Jurden Bruce
    • Web Services Manager
    • Information Technology
    • Julie Campbell
    • Program Coordinator
    • College of Business Administration
    • Dr. L. A. Wolfskill
    • Assistant Professor of Agribusiness
    • Department of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology, College of Sciences
    • Somer Franklin
    • Assistant VP of Academic Affairs
    • Office of Academic Planning and Assessment
    • Dr. Page Glave
    • Assistant Professor
    • Department of Health and Kinesiology, College of Health Sciences
    • Tess Johnson
    • Director of Criminal Justice E-Learning
    • College of Criminal Justice
    • Dr. Jeff Littlejohn
    • Associate Professor
    • Department of History, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Jeff Olsen
    • Director of Marketing and Communications
    • Division of University Advancement
    • Dr. Peggy C. Holzweiss
    • Assistant Professor & Coordinator 
Higher Education Administration Master's Program
    • Department of Educational Technology, College of Education
    • Teresa Ringo
    • University Registrar
    • Office of the Registrar
    • Lauren Sears
    • Associate Director of Enrollment Communications
    • Division of Enrollment Management