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Chair: Anne Stiles   (936) 294-2369

Faculty: Amy Antley, Susan Holland, Bobette Mayrant, Lori Neubauer, Mary Anne Vincent, Shirley Wallace, Kelly Zinn


Vision Statement

The Nursing Program will provide a professional educational program that will stimulate learners to promote, maintain, and restore the health of individuals, diverse communities, and the environment now and in the future through evidence-based practice and the use of technology.


Our mission is to provide a quality education to a diverse body of accountable, competent, critical thinking students who are prepared upon graduation to function independently and collaboratively in professional nursing roles in the changing world of the future. The program provides a nursing foundation which promotes holistic, evidence-based health care in a professional community. The faculty promote the concept of lifelong learning based on scholarly teaching, research, practice, and service in order to maintain competence and achieve new competencies as the profession evolves.

Goals for Graduates

  1. Integrate knowledge from liberal studies and nursing science to practice professional nursing, in a holistic caring manner
  2. Development, implement and evaluate safe, quality patient care through collaboration with patients and members of the interprofessional health care delivery team in various health care settings
  3. Demonstrate ethical accountability and legal responsibilities using cultural parameters and professional nursing standards of practice and care in order to provide care to individuals, families, groups, and populations.
  4. Use therapeutic communication in formal and informal interaction with patients, families, groups, colleagues, and other members of the healthcare team in the delivery of nursing care.
  5. Demonstrate professional leadership and management skills while implementing safety principles in the delivery of nursing care.
  6. Base safe patient care upon evidence and clinical reasoning.
  7. Act as an advocate for both sick and healthy clients across the lifespan and for the nursing profession, reflecting current and changing health care systems, health policies, and global health care factors.
  8. Demonstrate accountability for lifelong learning and professional growth.
  9. Demonstrate competency with technology and information management in the delivery of safe care, while maintaining confidentiality and protecting patient rights.
  10. Collaborate with other professionals on the health care team to provide health promotion, disease, and injury prevention across the lifespan for individuals, families, groups and populations.

Texas Board of Nursing Differentiated Essential Competencies

Academic Programs


The Texas State University Board of Regents of Sam Houston State University (SHSU) approved a new Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at their November 2008 meeting. In January 2008, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board authorized Sam Houston State University to move forward with the planning phase of a new BSN program. The Nursing program at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) received initial approval from the Texas Board of Nursing on October 21, 2010. The Board of Regents has authorized the Nursing Program to become an official Department of Nursing in the College of Sciences starting Fall 2012.

Student Organizations

Student Nursing Association: Students within the Nursing Department are eligible to participate as members of the SHSU chapter of the Texas Nursing Students’ Association (TNSA). The TNSA is the student component of the American Nurses’ Association, a national professional nursing organization with state and local constituencies, and a subsidiary of the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA). Participation locally affords membership in the largest independent health organization in the nation and the only one for nursing students. TNSA offers numerous benefits to those students who join this organization. Among these are issues of IMPRINT magazine, a publication by and for nursing students. Affordable professional liability insurance coverage can be purchased through the association. TNSA offers assistance with career planning, opportunity to participate in state and national student conventions, and involvement in activities to actualize your potential as a developing professional nurse. Check bulletin boards and the department’s website for activities, representatives, and times of meetings. To join TNSA, information and an application can be obtained from the SHSU TNSA advisor or the secretary for TNSA. Also, please see this website:


SHSU offers scholarships to students in the nursing program. They are competitive scholarships and are based on how well the student performs in the nursing program. Assistance is also available through Financial Aid, including scholarships, loans, and grants outside of SHSU. Information on University scholarships may be obtained from the Office of Academic Scholarships website at or email: You must complete the current year FAFSA to be considered for Nursing scholarships.

  1. ALVIN AND ANGELINE JASIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND: $1,500 per year. Recipients must be a full-time undergraduate student in good standing, majoring in Pre-Nursing until Sam Houston State establishes a Nursing Program, at which time the major will be Nursing. GPA of 3.00 is required.
  2. MARY ELLEN RAGSDALE NURSING SCHOLARSHIP: $5,000 per year. Recipient must be an incoming freshman student in good standing and majoring in nursing; be a graduate of Humble High School. If there are no qualified applicants from Humble High School, preference will be given to graduates from any high school in the Humble Independent School District. If there are no qualified applicants from the Humble Independent School District, then the scholarship award will be open to any qualified student. Financial need will be a consideration but not a determining factor. GPA of 3.00 is required. 
  3. RYLIE ELISE RINGER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: $1,000 per year. Recipient must be a full-time junior or senior student (at the time they receive the funding) in good standing, majoring in nursing; be admitted into the Nursing Program; demonstrate financial need. GPA of 2.50/3.00 is required. 
  4. ST. LUKE'S THE WOODLANDS HOSPITAL NURSING SCHOLARSHIP: $2,000 per year. Recipient must be a full-time undergraduate student in good standing; must have been accepted into the Bachelor of Nursing Program. Preference will be given to current employees of St. Luke's The Woodlands Hospital, St. Luke's The Woodlands Hospital employee's spouse, legal dependent, child or grandchild. GPA of 3.20 is required. Application deadline is Spring. For additional information, contact Dr. Anne Stiles; 936-294-2369,


The number and/or amount of each award are determined by the amount of income earned on the respective scholarship endowment.



Huntsville Memorial Hospital (HMH) offers a Fellowship Program for highly motivated second-semester BSN students at Sam Houston State University. The expectation of HMH’s Fellowship Program is to produce the next generation of nursing leaders equipped with the skills to establish and provide excellent nursing care. Applicants with a proven history of dedication to their work and a leader mentality are selected to work in a specialty area under close supervision and mentoring. They will take classes at HMH during their last semester at SHSU, in addition to their regular required classes. Following graduation, the students will continue their education and mentoring with an experienced RN on a specialty unit such as the operating room, post anesthesia unit, labor and delivery, or intensive care unit.

Progam Specific Requirements

Two-Step Process for Nursing Program Admission:

1. Apply to Sam Houston State University (SHSU) as an undergraduate. After successful admission to SHSU, ensure that you meet the admission criteria for the SHSU Nursing Program as follows:

• Virtual or distance-learning course offerings for BIO 245 <BIOL 2401>, BIO 246 <BIOL 2402>, BIO 247 <BIOL 2420> (or BIO 347> <BIOL 3470>), and CHEM 135 <CHEM 1306>/ 115 <1106> (or CHEM 138 <CHEM 1311>/ 118 <1111>) will not be accepted.

•Students must complete46 credit hours with a GPA 3.0, prior to making application to the Nursing Program. The 46 credit hours must include BIO 245 <BIOL
, BIO 246 <BIOL 2402>, BIO 247 <BIOL 2420>, CHEM 135 <CHEM 1306>/115 <1106>, MTH 170 <MATH 1314> and MTH 169 <MATH 1369> of the Pre-Nursing curriculum.

• All natural science and math courses must be completed within 5 years of application to the nursing program.

• Admission consideration to the Nursing Program requires a GPA 3.0 for the 59 hours of the Pre-Nursing curriculum. All grades must be a 'C' or better.

• Students must have a minimum score 64 on the TEAS V for admission consideration.

2. Apply for admission to the SHSU Nursing Program by completing all of the information required in the NursingCAS centralized application instructions.

• Send an official copy of your Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS-y) results to: Office of Medical & Allied Health Programs, Sam Houston State University, ATTN: Nursing Application, Box 2209, Huntsville, TX 77341.

Additional links to more information about NursingCAS: NCAS YouTube channel
If you are accepted, you will receive instructions for completing a criminal background check and fingerprint scanning with the agency specified by the Texas Board of Nursing

Students who meet the above criteria will be considered for selection if they have:

• Met the minimum 3.0 overall GPA,
• Submitted an official copy of an acceptable(64) TEAS-V test score at BSN level,
• Complete the Nursing CAS centralized application by the specified deadline.


Students meeting admission criteria will then be evaluated based on their application and their application and TEAS V test.

Students are conditionally accepted pending satisfactory completion of drug screening and criminal background checks.

Excerpts from Texas Board of Nursing website and Petition for Declaratory Order Form


• Applicants seeking licensure in Texas by Endorsement or Examination are required to submit a complete and legible set of scanned fingerprints on a form prescribed by the board for the purpose of obtaining a criminal history from the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. (Section 301.252 (b) and Section 301.252 (e) of the Texas Occupations Code).
• Applicants with outstanding eligibility issues (a positive criminal background screen) that could prevent them from taking the NCLEX examination upon completion of a nursing program are urged to complete a Declaratory Order application. If you have a positive criminal background screen, you will NOT be admitted into SHSU's Nursing program without a Declaratory Order from the Board of Nursing for the State of Texas stating that you have been granted permission to write the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). The Declaratory Order process permits the Board to make decisions regarding an applicant's eligibility for licensure prior to entering or completing a nursing program.

• Further information:


Students must provide evidence of being in good physical health, free of disease, and of having received all required immunizations. Prior to beginning classes students must pass a criminal background and drug check.


Bachelor of Science
Major in Nursing (BSN)

3 Digit to 4 Digit Crosswalk

SHSU Course NumberHoursRecommended Sequence
Core Curriculum
Component Area I (Communication) 6 Freshman or Sophomore
Component Area II (Mathematics) 3 Freshman or Sophomore
Component Area III (Natural Sciences) 8 Freshman or Sophomore
Component Area IV (Humanities/Visual/Performing Arts) 9 Freshman or Sophomore
Component Area V (Social/Behavioral Sciences) 15 Freshman or Sophomore
Component Area VI (Institutionally Designated Option) 1
First Year (Semester I)
BIO 245 <BIOL 2401> 4 Freshman
CHM 135 <CHEM 1306>/ CHM 115 <CHEM 1106> or CHM 138 <CHEM 1311>/CHM 118 < CHEM 1111> 
4 Freshman
MTH 170 <MATH 1314> 3 Freshman
ENG 164 <ENGL 1301> 3 Freshman
First Year (Semester II)
BIO 246 <BIOL 2402> 4 Freshman
HIS 163 <HIST 1301> 3 Freshman
MTH 169 <MATH 1369> 3 Freshman
ENG 165 <ENGL 1302> 3 Freshman
KIN 215 <KINE 2115> 1 Freshman
Second Year (Semester I)
PSY 131 <PSYC 1301> 3 Sophomore
PHL 261 <PHIL 2361> 3 Sophomore
HIS 164 <HIST 1302> 3 Sophomore
POL 261 <POLS 2301> 3 Sophomore
BIO 247 <BIOL 2420> 4 Sophomore
SOC 168 <SOCI 2319> 3 Sophomore
Second Year (Semester II)
FCS 262 <FACS 2362> 3 Sophomore
PSY 374 <PSYC 3374> 3 Sophomore
Political Science Elective 3 >Sophomore
Visual Arts Elective 3 Sophomore
Third Year (Semester I)
<NURS 3430> 4 Junior
<NURS 3101> 1 Junior
<NURS 3310> 3 Junior
<NURS 3420> 4 Junior
Third Year (Semester II)
<NURS 3440> 4 Junior
<NURS 3620> 6 Junior
<NURS 3640> 6 Junior
Fourth Year (Semester I)
NURS 4440 4 Senior
NURS 4420 4 Senior
NURS 4630 6 Senior
KINE 2115 1 Senior
Fourth Year (Semester II)
NURS 4620 6 Senior
NURS 4660 6 Senior
NURS 4250 2 Senior
Total Hours:  121

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