Context Clues II

Post test


Choose the word that best describes the underlined word.

1. The ghastly face of the dead man floated up from the bottom of the pool and scared us all.
a. tamed
b. fat
c. horrible
d. egosistical

2. The generous man handed out 20 dollar bills to the homeless at Christmas time.
a. ignorant
b. rendered
c. overcast
d. kind

3. The boy always minded his mother and father's rules, and they loved their obedient child.
a. independent
b. do what he's told
c. never works
d. quiet

4. The smells coming from the kitchen enticed the neighbors to come over and see what was baking in our oven.
a. reared
b. tempted
c. argued
d. alarmed

5. We knew to look for the rainbow after the ensuing rains.
a. rearranging
b. oblique
c. following
d. entity

6. She has devoted her life to making sure that the children of her community were fed and had a chance to go to the doctor.
a. met
b. given
c. recorded
d. decreased

7. The young man frequently reads new books. Yesterday he checked out five more.
a. often
b. logically
c. delved
d. developed

8. The man grew up on a farm and went to school in the rural community of Marfa.
a. suburb
b. island
c. country
d. static

9. There was much evidence that the burglar had been in their home because chairs were overturned and many items were broken.
a. help
b. support
c. mess
d. decision

10. The girl was mortified to see that her name was on the board for talking too much at lunch, and she put her head down on her desk and cried.
a. happy
b. intense
c. shocked
d. indecisive

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