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It is the policy of Sam Houston State University to net require it's employees to work with hazardous chemicals from unlabeled containers, except portable containers for immediate use the contents of which are known to the user.

All containers of hazardous substances must be properly labeled. Labels must be legible, in English and prominently displayed. When products or chemicals are placed in otherwise unlabeled containers, a label needs to be developed which indicates the identity of the chemical or product, any appropriate warnings (such as flammable, poison, reactive, etc.) and a cross reference to any additional safety information which might be available.

Small or temporary containers must also be labeled unless the entire contents are used by the employee who filled the container by the end of his/her shift. Containers must not be misidentified, i.e. having a different contents than the label indicates.

All containers should have the following information:

  • The name of the product of chemical
  • Any warning and precautionary information

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