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Safety Office Safety Rules for Laboratories
(Farrinaton Building, Lee Drain Building, & TRIES LAB)

There are a limited number of rules for laboratories, but they must be rigidly and impartially enforced. Willful noncompliance should result in dismissal or suspension from the laboratory. The following are suggested as rules for students in all laboratories:

1. Eye protection is required at all times in the laboratory and where chemicals are stored and handled. Contact lenses should not be wom while during work inside the labs. Goggles are essential if for therapeutic reasons contact lenses must be wom.

2. Horseplay, pranks or other acts of mischief are especially dangerous and are prohibited.

3. The hazards of chemicals used should be known (e.g., corrosiveness, flammability, reactivity, stability, and toxicity.)

4. Eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed.

5. Unauthorized experiments are prohibited.

6. Appropriate clothing must be wom, including a protective apron or laboratory coat. Confine long hair and loose clothing. Open-toed shoes or sandals are not permitted.

7. Mouth suction must never be used to fill pipettes, to start siphons, or for any other purpose.

8. Never perform experimental work when alone in the lab.

9. Always wash face, hands and arms with soap and water before leaving lab.

10. No chemicals or equipment may be removed from the laboratory without the specific permission and supervision of the lab director. All person(s) that use or work in the labs must follow the laws that are govern by the Texas Hazard Communication Act and the Texas Department of Health.



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