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TO: All Physical Plant Employees
FROM: Douglas J. Greening
  Director, Physical Plant
SUBJECT: Wall Mounted Book Shelves
DATE: June 10, 2001

The following policy pertaining to book shelves on walls of Campus Buildings has been adopted by the University and is forwarded for your information:

Wall Book Shelves and Brackets

The installation of shelves and brackets for books, documents, etc. is now prohibited in
University Buildings. To achieve the necessary storage, departments are requested to purchase free standing bookcases securely fastened to the walls. It has been found that standard shelf and bracket construction cannot be safely held in place on walls without hntalling solid structural members in the walls during construction. The Physical Plant will assist in the attachment of bookcases to the walls with anchors. The anchors will serve only to prevent any tipping of the bookcases. For those offices with existing shelf and bracket installations, precautions should be taken to prevent overloading and failure of shelving systems. AU efforts should be made to replace existing shelf and bracket installations with bookcases as funds permit. The Physical Plant will assist in the removal of wall shelves at each department's request.

The above policy was adopted as a safety measure to respond to accidents and close calls involving overloaded book shelves. If you have questions please call me or Mr. Mike Snoe and extension 381 1. Thanks for your collective cooperation.


cc Dr. B. K. Marks
Mr. Jack C. Parker
Dr. James E. Gilmore
Dr. Thelma J. Douglass

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