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PA 581 Dynamics of Public Administration. Examines the history and theoretical basis of public administration and the basic issues that confront it, including administrative responsibility and ethics, and the formulation and implementation of public policy. Credit 3.

PA 583 Data Analysis in Public Administration. Examines techniques for the collection, manipulation, interpretation, and presentation of data and information in public policy/management processes, and demonstrates application of the techniques using computer technology. Credit 3.

PA 584 Organizational Theory and Behavior. This course covers the major topics, issues, and contributions in the literature on organizations, their structures and functions, and the behavior of people in them, with emphasis on applications to government and nonprofit organizations. Examples and exercises refer to organizations at federal, state, and local levels of government and to a variety of nonprofit organizations, such as hospitals, social service agencies, and faith-based/non-governmental organizations. Credit 3.

PA 586 Leadership and Human Resource Management. This course provides an understanding of the evolution and context of the public service. The reasons for merit and its unique political and management problems are addressed. Specific topics include: human resources planning, recruitment and selection, performance evaluation, compensation, promotion and benefits, staff development, labor relations, discipline, and control structures. Credit 3.

PA 587 Local Government BUdgets and Financial Management. Examination of the public budgetary process and related financial management
techniques. Credit 3.

PA 588 Ethics in Government. This course provides a review of classical and contemporary literature on the role and practice of ethics in public administration.
Contemporary empirical research, case studies, and ethical problem solving are also addressed. A primary theme of the course will be fostering and applying “right action” and “good conduct” in public organizations and public policy making. Credit 3.

*PA 595 Internship and Work Experience in Public Services. This course is useful for students who desire substantive work experience in a governmental or nongovernmental organization. This course will allow MPA students to take a 6 hour, 12 month internship. The internship is required for the MPA degree and fulfils a requirement by its accrediting agency NASPAA, the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. Enrollment is by permission of the Director of Graduate Studies. Credit 1-3.


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