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MKT 568 Services Management and Marketing. This course examines the unique challenges of managing and marketing services. A review of the literature covering service theory and practical experience in designing and maintaining quality services are the foci of the course. Prerequisite: MKT 570

MKT 570 Marketing Seminar. This course focuses on formulating and implementing marketing management strategies and policies with special emphasis on the influence of marketing institutions, market structures, target market, segmentation, and the ability to manage marketing mix variables in a dynamic global environment. The course includes marketing decision making tools and the management of the elements of the marketing plan.

MKT 571 Marketing Research. This course uses a project-based approach to learning which includes the planning, collection, and analysis of data relevant to marketing decision making and the communication of the results of this analysis to management. Prerequisites: BAN 568.

MKT 572 Marketing Problems. The course requires analysis of marketing problems related to marketing strategy and programs. Students engage in independent research into the business context and develop familiarity with leading edge marketing theory and practice to creatively solve problems.

MKT 575 Reading In Marketing. This course is designed for directed study of individual students who wish intensive study in some specific area of Marketing. Prerequisite: Approval of Department Chair and Graduate Coordinator.


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