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IE 531 GRADUATE HUMAN RELATIONS FOR VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL TEACHERS. This course is designed to meet the needs of the competent tradesman in understanding and working with students. Parallel course to IE 431.

IE 565 METHODS AND MEDIA IN VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL EDUCATION. Success in most professional areas is dependent in part on the ability of an individual to communicate effectively with others. An inventory of media used in communications will be made. Various means and equipment for aiding the communication of ideas will be studied and evaluated.

IE 577 GRADUATE PROBLEMS IN COOPERATIVE PROGRAMS. This is a continuation of the “coordination techniques” course in order to provide the student an opportunity to pursue further in-depth study of the developments and unique problems of a part time program.

IE 579 INSTRUCTIONAL/PRODUCTION ANALYSIS. This course is a study of the inventory and analysis procedure by which the essential elements of an occupation or production scheduling activity are identifi ed and listed for instruction or production purposes. The analysis determines the instructional or production format necessary for a smooth and orderly process from the simple to the complex order of tasks, operation and jobs required in the industrial environment.

IE 582 VOCATIONAL STUDENT IDENTIFICATION AND FOLLOW-UP. Techniques for identifying students for vocational training; sources and means of job placement for co-operative part-time students and graduates of vocational programs; and methods of making student follow-up studies are included. Also listed as VED 567.

IE 586 TEACHING AIDS IN INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION. This course is designed to aid teachers of industrial subjects in the design and construction of teaching aids. The study of multi-media is an integral and important phase of this course.

IE 591 LABORATORY ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT. This course is designed for graduates who are going to teach Industrial Education or manage equipment and supplies in industry. It is to prepare students to successfully manage laboratory activities, organize laboratories in accordance with contemporary concepts, and to control materials/supplies within their laboratories. Parallel course to IE 491.

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