Sam Houston State University Undergraduate Catalog 2006-2008
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Reading Course Descriptions

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RDG 011 Reading and Study Skills. This course provides intense study of vocabulary, text organization, reading comprehension, and study skills related to specific content area texts. Credit 1.

RDG 031D Developmental Reading. An intense study of vocabulary, text organization, comprehension and other reading. Strategies to develop criteria reading skills. Instruction is delivered through a combination of class lectures and individual Reading Center tutorials. Credit in this course does count toward graduation and computation of grade point averages and classification of students by hours completed.

RDG 131 Strategies for College Reading and Thinking. Students will learn and practice strategies and skills necessary to read and think critically at the college level. Course focus is on reading in all academic disciplines, especially those with heavy reading content. Two hour class and on hour computerized tutorial. Credit 3.

RDG 235 Literacy Processes of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations. The fundamental concepts, principles, and conflicts of second language learning and teaching. Effective instructional approaches for students of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds are learned and applied. The use of multiethnic literature in the classroom is a special focus of this course. Credit 3.

RDG 275 Literacy as a Foundation for Learning Students examine their personal literacy development and their philosophical assumptions underlying literacy instruction in order to build a basis for the theories and practices provided in the advanced reading courses. Credit 3.

RDG 285 Literacy Across the Curriculum. This course focuses on using reading and writing as tools for learning in all academic areas, i.e. math, science, social studies, in elementary and intermediate school classrooms. Credit 3.

RDG 370 The Teaching of Reading. The fundamental concepts and principles of reading instruction and focus on the developmental stages of reading. Word attack, comprehension, study strategies and other aspects of a balanced literacy program are learned and applied. Must be taken concurrently with RDG 390 and RDG 431. Field experiences in PK-12 public schools required. Advance Departmental Approval Required. Prerequisite: EED/SED 374. Credit 3.

RDG 380 Literacy Assessment and Instruction. Students will administer and interpret varied assessment tools as well as select and implement appropriate instructional techniques to plan and conduct effective classroom literacy instruction. Field experiences in PK-12 public schools required. Must be taken concurrently with RDG 370 and RDG 390. Admission to educator preparation program required. Credit 3.

RDG 385 Phonemic Awareness and Word Study. Students will explore phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and vocabulary. Specifically included in the study are phonic generalizations, structural analysis, word derivations and etymology, and strategies for technical and other specialized vocabularies. Credit 3.

RDG 390 The Teaching of Language Arts. Focus on the developmental stages of writing and the interrelated language processes of listening, speaking and reading and writing. Pre-service teachers will explore theories and instructional practices in the elementary school language arts program. Must be taken concurrently with RDG 370 and RDG 431. Field experiences in PK- 12 public schools required. Advance Departmental Approval Required. Prerequisite: EED 374. Credit 3.

RDG 393 Emergent and Beginning Literacy. Language and cognitive development, listening, speaking, reading, and writing theories and instructional practices with children from birth to grade 3. Credit 3.

RDG 471 Reading in the Middle Grades. This course focuses on the uniqueness of middle grade students, middle school structures and explore literacy theories and activities that meet these needs and structures. Prerequisites: RDG 370, RDG 390 or instructor’s permission. Credit 3.

RDG 475 Individual Problems in Reading. Designed for students interested in extending conceptual knowledge in literacy issues. This course addresses special topics and independent study related to methodologies, curriculum, assessment, and language processes. Advance Departmental Approval Required. Credit 3.

RDG 492 Content Area Reading and Writing. Students will learn to determine pupils’ needs and abilities in content area reading and writing through the use of assessment instruments and will plan instructional strategies appropriate to their needs within specific secondary teaching fields. Field experiences in PK-12 public schools required. Prerequisites: EED/SED 374. Credit 3.

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