Sam Houston State University Undergraduate Catalog 2006-2008
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Counseling (CNE) Course Descriptions

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CNE 231 Introduction to the Helping Relationship. This course will provide an introduction to the helping relationship, especially as it relates to counseling. Students will be challenged to consider their motivations, needs, and goals related to the art of helping. Students will engage in a community service learning project as part of exploring the nature of the helping relationship. Students will also be introduced to basic attitudes, dispositions and skills needed for helping relationships and counseling. Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing. Credit 3.

CNE 232 Career Development. This course will help student's explore a lifelong plan for career development. Students will use real life assessments to determine aptitudes, interests and values related to careers. Students will learn how to utilize on campus and internet resources to develop resumes, portfolios and practice job interviewing skills. Activities in this course are designed to give students an advantage for entering the job market. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Credit 3.

CNE 331 Introduction to Principles of Counseling. This course will provide the student with an overview of the counseling profession to include professional issues, ethics, history, credentialing, professional associations, and roles of counselors in various settings. Emphasis is placed on the development of professional identity, the value of the counseling relationship, and theory. Students will choose from several activities allowing them to recognize the value of counseling in human service activities. Prerequisite: CNE 231 or concurrent enrollment. Credit 3

CNE 332 Therapeutic Play Skills. Participants will learn the basic principles that guide child-centered play sessions via didactic and experiential activities. The course will help participants understand how child-centered play sessions facilitate the recognition and expression of feelings in children, as well as strengthen problem-solving skills, pro-social skills, and engagement with parents. Students will role-play facilitative skills including recognizing and responding to children's feelings, play session limit setting, and building children's self-esteem. Students will have opportunities to observe live or video taped child-centered play sessions. Credit 3.

CNE 487 Workshop in Counseling and Human Services.This workshop course will allow the undergraduate student to conduct in-depth study in a specific topic area related to counseling and human services. Topics will vary as needs demand. May be repeated as scheduled topics vary. Prerequisite: CNE 231. Credit 3

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