Faculty Research

Sam Houston State University faculty researchers are recognized as world leaders in a variety of diverse fields. New faculty members immediately have an opportunity to make an impact in research. Students have the opportunity to see firsthand what commitment, hard work, resources, and talent can accomplish.

USA Today ranks SHSU in the Top 50 in the US for “commitment to civic engagement and global awareness on campus.” Projects by SHSU principal investigators include making the earth a greener place, a safer place (from criminals) a less annoying place (getting rid of fire ants!) and a more beautiful place (by sharing Picasso's works with the world.)


Current Research News

SHSU Chemistry Professor Ilona Petrikovics is investigating a better way to deliver life-saving antidotes to those exposed to cyanide—important work that, if successful, could save the lives of military personnel and civilians alike.  She is globally recognized for her work in Organophosphorous (OP) nerve agents and cyanide.