Master of Arts in Spanish

Program Type

Master of Arts (MA)

Program Length

36 Credit Hours


The Master of Arts in Spanish is designed to prepare students for doctoral work, for careers as Spanish instructors in secondary and higher education institutions, for employment as professional interpreters within various industries, and for advancing their proficiency in a second language. This non-thesis program will also provide a thorough foundation in practical fluency skills through cultural, linguistic, and literary training. For this degree there are two plans:

  • Plan A - designed for students seeking to continue their education into doctoral studies, to become professional interpreters, and to improve personal language skills.
  • Plan B - designed for students seeking to teach Spanish at the secondary and college levels.

Enrollment Semester

Fall, Spring, Summer

Program Offered


Tuition and Cost

Rates per semester

Additional Program Information

Department Website

Graduate Catalog

Application Requirements

  1. Graduate Admissions Application
  2. Application Fee
  3. Official transcript from the baccalaureate degree granting institution
  4. Overall undergraduate GPA of 2.8 or higher
  5. Minimum of 18 undergraduate Spanish hours
  6. Two recommendation letters
  7. Writing sample on a Spanish cultural topic that demonstrates advanced proficiency (5 pages)
  8. Graded writing sample from an upper level Spanish course

Academic Advisor

Dr. Leif French
(936) 294-1979

Dr. Rafael E. Saumell
(936) 294-1441

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