Gan Liang


Research Interests:


  • Study of  high-temperature superconductors and MgB2-related materials.
  • Study of rare-earth intermetallic compounds which show strong transition metal-host magnetism, valence instability, Kondo-effect, and heavy-fermion behavior.
  • Study of Li-ion Battery materials including LiFePO4-based cathode material
  • Magnetic nanoparticle systems for medical applications.
  • Laser optical imaging.
  • Applied superconductivity with concentration at the fabrication and characterization of high-temperature superconducting  wires/tapes and cables.
  • Superconducting magnet technology which includes design of superconducting magnets, superconducting joints, winding and epoxy impregnation of superconducting magnet coils.


Scientific and Technical Expertise


  • Synchrotron x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and x-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS) study of electronic properties of material systems.
  • X-ray  diffraction measurement of crystal structure of crystalline materials
  • Magnetization measurement of magnetic materials using Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUID).
  • Measurement of  temperature dependent electrical resistivity  using both four-lead and field-decay techniques.
  • Measurement of low temperature specific heat.
  • Measurement of critical current of superconducting materials.
  • Synthesis of materials using both solid state reaction and arc-melting techniques.
  • Design of superconducting magnets using OPUS
  • Fabrication of various superconducting joints for NMR superconducting magnets.
  • Winding and impregnation of superconducting magnet coils.
  • Fabrication of high-temperature superconducting films using MOCVD method and laser deposition method
  • Fabrication high-temperature superconductor wire, tape, and cables


Professional Memberships


·         American Physical Society  (APS)

·         Materials Research Society (MRS)

·         American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

·         Overseas Chinese Physics Association (OCPA)

·         Chinese Association of Professionals in Science and Technology (CAPST)


Grant History


I am the principal investigator of the following grants:


[1]      A Novel Study of the Origin of the Enhancement of Electronic Conductivity and Properties of Cation-doped LiFePO4 Cathode Materials”, Founded by National Science Foundation (NSF). Funding Period: August 15, 2007 to July 31, 2010.


[2]       “ A Novel Approach to Resolve the Controversy about the Origin of the Electronic Conductivity in Cation-doped LiFePO4 Cathode Materials”, Funded by Research Corporation. Funding Period: May 15, 2007 to May 14, 2009.


[3]      “Study of the Origin of the Enhancement of Electronic Conductivity in LiFePO4-based Li-ion Battery Cathod Materials”, Funded by the Enhancement Grant for Research (EGR) program of SHSU. Funding period: April 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008.


[4]        “Development of Lightweight and High Electric Current Carrying MgB2 Superconducting Wires”, Funded by the Enhancement Grant for Research (EGR) program of SHSU. Funding period: April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2007.


[5]        “X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) Study on some Electronic, Magnetic, and Superconducting Materials”,  Texas Excellence Fund. May-August, 2005


[6]        “ Phase Diagram and Microstructures Study of the Titanium doped MgB2 Superconductors” –Funded by SHSU Faculty Research Council,  June – August, 2004.


[7]       “Development of Thick Superconducting Tapes for High Current Applications by Photo-assisted MOCVD” – Funded by Technology Development and Transfer  (TD&T) Program of  the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 10/29/99-8/31/2002.


[8]        “Practical Splicing Technology for High Temperature Superconductor Cables” – Funded by the Faculty Research Council of SHSU, 12/8/99-8/31/2000.


[9]        “Practical Cable Technology for High-Temperature Superconductors”, Funded by Texas Advanced Technology Program(ATP), 1/1/98-8/31/2000.


[10]      “Development of New Type Practical Cable Using High  Temperature Superconductor” Funded by the Faculty Research Council of  Sam Houston State University, 1997-98.


[11]      “Study of the Interplay of Ce-Spin Fluctuation with Strong Host Magnetism”, Funded by the Texas Advanced Research Program(ARP). 1/1/96-8/31/98


[12]      “XAS Studies of the Electronic Structures of High-Tc Superconducting Materials”, Funded by Research Corporation, 1996-98.


[13]      “Development of Superconducting Joint Technology for the Application of High Temperature Superconducting Materials”,  Funded by the Faculty  Research Council of SHSU, 1995-96.


[14]      “Development of Superconducting Joint Technology for Large-scale Application of High Temperature Superconductors”,  Funded by the Faculty Research Council of SHSU, 1996-97.


[15]      “Fabrication of Nb3Sn Superconducting Joints for TWC Wires”,  Funded by Teledyne Wah Chang Company, 1995-96.


[16]      “Electronic Structure Studies on the Iodine-intercalated and Electron Doped High-Tc       Superconductors By X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy”, Funded by the SHSU  Faculty Research Council, 1992-93.


[17]      “X-ray Absorption Study of Several High-Tc Cuprate Superconductor Systems”, Funded by  Research Corporation, 1991-92.


[18]      “X-ray Absorption Study of Several High-Tc Superconductor Systems”,  Funded by the SHSU Faculty Research  Council, 1991-92.


[19]      “X-ray Absorption Study of Some Cuprate Oxide Systems” Funded by National Synchrotron Light Source, 1992.


[20]      “High-field Superconducting Magnet”,  Funded by SHSU Matching Funds, 1991-92.


[21]      “X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study of  Several Cuprate Oxide Superconductor Sytems”, Funded by SHSU Faculty Research Council, 1990-91.