Shelter Information

Shelter-in-place order occurs when the outside environment is not safe to enter. All people on campus must immediately report inside and be prepared to stay inside until the area is clear.

  • Remember!

    • If a Shelter-In-Place occurs, it will probably be newsworthy, so your family, friends, etc.
    will know that you are inside and safe.
    • Sam Houston State University’s Communications Office will be in contact with news
    media and will keep campus personnel informed of the situation via KatSafe.
    • No matter how physically or emotionally uncomfortable you may become, you must not
    open any door or window! To do so may jeopardize the lives of everyone.

  • Be prepared:

    • Keep food and water in your office or workspace if possible.
    • Have additional prescription medications available.
    • Have battery-powered radio on hand.
    • Keep a fan on hand during the summer months.
    • Have a flashlight with fresh batteries.