I'm Jaken Herman.

I am a software engineering student at Sam Houston State University. I work for the web-development department at the university as well. I have experience writing Java, JavaScript/jQuery, C/C++, Ada, x86 Assembly, VBA, and Python code. I have experience with virtualization technology like VMWare and Virtual Box extensively. At my current job I have used jQuery for form validation as well as various API calls to manipulat JSON data. Other technology/skills I have used (and/or am familiar with): Process Flow Documentation, Amazon Web Services, Technical Writing, Emacs/Vim/Vi, Malware Development, Node Package Manager, Git, Sass, Linux, Bash, MiTM Attacks, CartoDB. There are likely more that I have simply forgotten about. Enjoy an assembly code snippet below, and read some of my blog posts!

mov edx, l
mov ecx, m
mov ebx, 1
mov eax, 4
int 0x80
mov eax, 1
int 0x80
m db 'Hello, world!',0xa
l equ $ - m

Characteristics of Good Documentation

6 ways you can write better documentations for your project, written by yours truly.

We Make Bananas That Can Dance

Yes that's right, you thought it was the stuff of dreams, but even bananas can be bioengineered.

"What a Company"

That is what they all say about us

"I shouldn't have gone with their competitor."

Nan Chief Fun Officer Acme Toys

Breaking The Grid, Grabs Your Attention

Instead of focusing on content creation and hard work, we have learned how to master the art of doing nothing by providing massive amounts of whitespace and generic content that can seem massive, monolithic and worth your attention.

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Case Studies

Did We Tell You About Our Bananas?

Yes I know you probably disregarded the earlier boasts as non-sequitur filler content, but its really true. It took years of gene splicing and combinatory DNA research, but our bananas can really dance.

I'm Still Quite Interested