1.     Registered student, faculty and staff organizations may use University facilities and/or grounds in compliance with reasonable and non-discriminatory University rules and regulations.

2.     No alcoholic beverages are allowed at these facilities, and events must not disrupt and disturb the academic and University programs and shall not result in damage to or defacement of property.

3.     Participants in such events are expected to clean up any trash, etc., that may be generated by the event. Failure to leave a facility in first-class condition may result in a cleanup charge and/or denial of use for future events planned by that group.

4.     Groups or individuals outside the University may schedule events in these facilities, but scheduling of University activities takes precedence.

5.     Scheduling use of Old Main Memorial Amphitheater is coordinated through the Office of the President (294-3415) and scheduling of the South Amphitheater is coordinated through the Lowman Student Center Reservation Office, LSC Suite 311 (294-1760).  Scheduling use of The Gazebo located near the south end of Pritchett Field and due west of the Sam Houston Museum Education Center is coordinated through the Sam Houston Museum Education Center Reservation Office, Room 107 (294-3371).

6.     Reservations for any of the above facilities are placed on the calendar, and groups attempting to use the facilities without reservations will be displaced by groups holding an approved reservation for the specified time.

Use of these facilities is also governed by the rules set forth in Chapter VII, “General Provisions for Campus Activities,” of the Rules and Regulations of The Texas State University System, which shall be adhered to in every instance.

Reviewed by: Frank Parker, Vice President for Student Services, August 2014

Next Review:  September 2015