The University Bookstore shall work with and solicit from the University's faculty information pertaining to textbooks and other course materials. The University Bookstore, per contract with Sam Houston State University, shall be the exclusive buyer or seller for all required, recommended or suggested course materials and supplies purchased by students, including books, course packs, computer software, textbook rentals, and materials published or distributed electronically and/or through learning management systems, or over the Internet (“Internet” includes the World Wide Web and any proprietary on-line service.)  Departments, divisions or employees of Sam Houston State University shall not be authorized to buy the aforementioned materials for sale to students.

Textbook/Course Materials – The Bookstore Manager shall be given notice by the faculty or authorized department designees of the textbook and supply adoptions for all courses offered by the following deadlines (See Academic Policy Statement 860211):

The University will encourage its faculty to cooperate with the University Bookstore. The University Bookstore shall make available for sale all textbooks and required course materials by the first day of class each semester and shall continue to make such materials available for an average period of 8 weeks.

Course Packs – University Bookstore will provide exclusive custom course pack publishing services for Sam Houston State University:

Discounts to Faculty & Staff – 10% discount on all merchandise available at the Bookstore.

Discounts to Departmental Purchases – 20% discount on all authorized departmental purchases.

NOTE:  All Discounts exclude the following – adopted textbooks, special orders, sale books, class and alumni rings, computer software, periodicals, discounted merchandise, computer hardware, stamps, health and beauty aids, food snacks and beverages.

Other related policies: Texas State University System, Chapter V, Sections 4.84 and 4.85

Reviewed by: Frank Parker, Vice President for Student Services, August 2014

Next Review:  September 2015