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Director Lydia Cruz Fox, Ph.D.

The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Program is designed to provide talented low income/ first generation and ethnic minority undergraduate students with effective preparation for doctoral study. The McNair Program at Sam Houston State University encourages graduate studies by providing opportunities for undergraduates to define their goals, engage in research, and develop the skills and faculty mentor relationships that are critical to success at the doctoral level. The program is comprised of the following educational and financial opportunities:

  • $1,600 Summer Research Stipend
  • Tuition waiver for 3-hour research class
  • Research project with faculty mentor
  • Paid travel to research conferences
  • Paid travel to visit graduate programs
  • Personal mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Workshops
  • Graduate Application fee waivers
  • Preparation for Graduate Entrance Exams
  • Lending library and laptop computer usage

To apply, please visit http://www.shsu.edu/~mcnair/apply.htm

For more information please contact Dr. Lydia Cruz Fox, 936-294-3264, lcruzfox@shsu.edu.

McNair Course Description

MCN 430 Introduction to Research and Graduate Studies. A survey of the basic concepts, methods, problems, and terminology of graduate research. Attention is given to library and computer resources, critical thinking, oral and written communication, and the foundations of research necessary to succeed in graduate school. Prerequisite: Minimum of twelve hours in major and six hours freshman English composition. Credit 3.


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