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MA in Instructional Leadership

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Program Description

This degree is designed specifically for the candidate who wishes to work in a leadership position that does not require principal certification. These leadership positions include, but or not limited to, positions in schools, agencies, businesses, or organizations. This degree emphasizes research. Candidates participating in this degree program will complete a thesis as part of the requirements for graduation. This degree requires completion of thirty hours of graduate credit. A comprehensive examination is required during the final semester of coursework. The degree plan originates in the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling.


Candidates seeking admission to a graduate program in the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling must meet the basic requirements of Graduate Studies specified in the Admission section of this catalog. Please, contact the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling for additional requirements: Box 2119, Huntsville, Texas 77341 or by phone (936) 294-1147 or email edu_elc@shsu.edu.  Course Prerequisites are strictly observed.

Degree Requirements


MA in Instructional Leadership

Choose all from:
ASE 578 <EDAD 5378> Curriculum Planning
ASE 579 <EDAD 5379> Methods of Research
ASE 586 <EDAD 5386> Special Populations and Special Programs
ASE 660 <EDAD 63606> Psychology of Learning
ASE 668 <EDAD 6368> Instructional Leadership I
ASE 672 <EDAD 6372> Practicum in Instructional Leadership
ASE 686 <EDAD 6386> Field Studies in Educational Administration
ASE 694 <EDAD 6394> Instructional Leadership II
2 Minor Field Choose two from
500<5000> or above approved courses2
1 ASE 672 <EDAD 6372> is the last course to be taken in the sequence of courses. It may be taken with one to two other courses.  2Selections should be made in consultation with the Graduate Advisor.



Education Administration (EDAD)
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