ECE 539 DEVELOPMENT OF LANGUAGE IN THE YOUNG CHILD. A study is made of the current theories, research, and myths surrounding the development of language in the young child. Students will examine language programs and prepare appropriate language materials for preschool/primary children.

ECE 566 GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE YOUNG CHILD. An examination of theory and current research concerning the growth and development of the individual through the eighth year of life is made. The course attempts to relate theory and research to present concerns of individuals in the helping profession through the study of intellectual, psychological, and social interrelationships. Experiences in the procedures of child study is provided.

ECE 580 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION I: FOUNDATIONS. Study is made of the historical and philosophical roots of early childhood education from the middle ages to contemporary practice. An in-depth study of the ideas of Maria Montessori and Jean Piaget, the history of Head Start, and current trends in the field will be an integral part of the course.

ECE 581 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION II: CURRICULUM. Study is made of the scope and sequence of learning experiences for young children. Current research on early childhood curriculum development and model programs is examined. The essential elements for kindergarten and prekindergarten are presented.

ECE 582 EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION III: METHODS. The course includes planning, developing and utilizing materials with young children. Laboratory experience is provided.

ECE 587 WORKSHOP IN EDUCATION: EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION. The topic(s) included will vary with academic program and semester offered.

ECE 669 PRACTICUM IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION. This course provides supervised practicum experiences in early childhood settings. The course is designed for the graduate student who is seeking initial certification and is an elective for other students. Student may be employed by a school district while enrolled in the practicum.

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