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I am an associate professor of geography and geology at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. I am also director of the GIS lab of the Texas Research Institute for Environmental Studies at SHSU. I can be reached at:
E-Mail:  geo_mrl@shsu.edu (thats geo" underscore" mrl "at" shsu.edu )
Phone:  (936) 294-3698 (this phone has voice mail)
Fax :     (936) 294-3940
Mailing address: 
             Department of Geography and Geology
             1900 Ave I (P.O. Box 2148)
             Huntsville, TX, 77341

My office is in the Lee Drain Building Room 313. I am often in the GIS Lab LDB room 328 or at the TRIES GIS lab in the Sam South Complex on Sam Houston Ave. I am frequently away from campus on fridays conducting hydrologic field work.

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Details of this page:

This home page contains links to URLs that contain my vitae, the syllabi for the classes I teach (listed by semester so the current ones can be found). The next section is lecture notes for the text portion of power-point presentations I make in class, the notes are for the portions of the class up to the first midterm (roman numeral I), up to the second midterm (roman numeral II), etc. I would recommend saving the notes as html files out to the hard drive on the computer you are accessing them from, importing them into a word processor, reformatting the notes to double space and with wide margins to provide more room for taking your own notes and printing them out, then putting them into a 3 ring binder with each lecture separated by tabs or divider sheets. Bring these notes to review sessions and use a highlighter to mark important material. Also provided is information on research interests and personal data. This site is a work in progress so some links may not be functioning. The pictures which enlarge if clicked on are of my daughter Michelle enjoying some of our local wildflowers and outdoors...