University Forms

PDF means Adobe Acrobat Format - If you have any problem using these forms, please contact the Service Desk

Questions about the forms should be directed to the individual departments.

Admissions (Undergraduate)
 Undergraduate Application for Admission
 Application Fee Waiver Request - PDF
Academic Affairs
Faculty Application
Teaching Assistant Application
Permission to Teach a Graduate Course
  Faculty Salary Adjustments
Form 7-Promotion
Form 11-Market
  Tenure and Post Tenure
Form 9-Tenure
Form 10-Post Tenure
English Language Proficiency Form
Curriculum Forms
  Request to Change Maximum Hour Value - PDF

  Athletic Recruiting Advance - PDF
  Southland Conference Contest Confirmation Letter - PDF
  Game Contract - PDF
Budget Requests
Change of Budget - PDF
Change of Budget for Banner - PDF
Preliminary Budget Request A - PDF - FMP
Preliminary Budget Request B - PDF - FMP
Preliminary Budget Request C - PDF - FMP
Preliminary Budget Request D - PDF - FMP
Preliminary Budget Request E - PDF - FMP
Preliminary Budget Request F - PDF - FMP

Bursar's Office
Application for Preceptor Exemption - PDF

Controller's Office
  New Fund/Org Request Form - PDF
Dean of Students Office
  Incident Report - Form
Disbursement's Forms
  Authorization of Professional/Consulting Services - PDF
  Boost New Vendor Enrollment Form - PDF
  Direct Deposit - Employee Reimbursements - PDF
  Direct Deposit for Vendors - PDF
  Direct Payment Form - PDF
  FO-19A Food/Beverage/Award/Flowers/Promotional Items Request PerfectForm
(Online FO-19 with email workflow; please print to add to documentation after approvals are made electronically)
Membership Request - PDF
  Payment Approval Form - PDF
  Outgoing Wire Form - PDF
  Vendor Maintenance Form / Substitute W-9 - PDF

Facilities Management
  Building Schedule Form - PDF
  Key Request - Online
  Shredding & Recycling Request - Online
  Space Change Reporting Form - PDF
  Moving & Hauling Form - PDF / XLSX
  Moving & Hauling Item List - PDF / XLSX
  Utility Disconnection Request - Online
  Utility Request Form - Online
  Vehicle Maintenance Reporting - PDF
  Vehicle Mileage Log - Online
  Vehicle Rental Form - Online
  Service Interruption Request - Online

Financial Aid & Scholarships
  Release of Information - PDF
  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy - PDF
Human Resources
  DPS Background Check- PDF
  Employee Development Participation & Teaching Request Form - PDF
  Employee Notification of State and Federal Legislation and Human Resources Information Acknowledgement - PDF
  Employee Statistical Data Sheet - PDF
  Employers Injury Report - PDF - FMP
Exit Interview Questionnaire - PDF
  Graduate Student Employee Background Request - PDF
Grievance Statement Form - PDF
  Hiring Evaluation Checklist - PDF
I-9 Form - PDF and I-9 Instructions - PDF
  Insurance Waive Form for Graduate Students - PDF
  IRS Forms
  Leave Request/Approval Form - PDF
  Medical Certification Form (Employee)- PDF
  Medical Certification Form (Family Member) - PDF
Multiple State Employment Form - PDF
  New Employee Checklist - Faculty Employees - PDF
  New Employee Checklist - Graduate Assistant Employees - PDF
New Employee Checklist - Hourly Student Employees - PDF
  Non-Compensated Affiliate Sam ID Background Request - PDF
Outside Employment - PDF
Pre-Offer Veteran Self-Identification Form- PDF
  Post-Offer Veteran Self-Identification Form- PDF
  Release of Personal Information Election Form - PDF
  Release of Personal Information Election Information for New Employees - PDF
Separation Property Checklist - PDF
Sick Leave Donation to an Individual - Donor Form - PDF
Sick Leave Donation to an Individual - Recipient Form - PDF
  Sick Leave Pool Application & Approval Form - PDF
  Sick Leave Pool Donation Form - PDF
  Staff Performance Evaluation (SPE) Form - PDF
  State of Texas Employment Application Form
  TRS Information/Enrollment Form - PDF
Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability- PDF
  Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement Form (English Version)- PDF
  Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement Form (Spanish Version)- PDF

Information Technology Services (IT@Sam)
  Computer Exception Request Form - PDF
  IP Telephone Request Form - PDF
Mobile Device Agreement - PDF
  Non-Consensual Access Form - PDF
  Non-Disclosure Agreement - PDF
  Payment Authorization Form - PDF
Policy Exception Form - PDF
Lowman Student Center
  LSC Reservation Forms
  Suggestion/Complaint Referral Form
  LSC Monitor Posting Request
  Direct Deposit Form - PDF
  SSN/Name/Address Change Form - PDF
  Timesheet / Leave Report Signature Authorization - PDF
Wireless Communication Device Form - PDF
Moving Expense Reimbursement Form - PDF

President’s Office
 Alcohol Beverage Service Request Form - PerfectForm
 Austin Hall - PDF
   Gibbs Ranch - PDF
   Old Main Pit - PDF
   Peabody Library - PDF
   Contract Routing - PDF
Procurement & Business Services
Authorization of Professional Services PDF
  TIBH Monthly Exception Report - PDF
  Informal Bid Form - PDF
  Interdepartmental Order Form - PDF
  Payment Approval Form - PDF
  Requirements and Accountability in Recommending a Sole Source Product or Service - PDF
  Vendor Set Up Form - PDF
  Annual Inventory Report - PDF
  Annual Resale Inventory - PDF
  Equipment Manager Responsibility Statement - PDF
  Missing/Found Asset Report Form M-12 - PDF
  Notice of Change in Department Information and/or Authority - PDF
  Property Destruction Record Form #24 - PDF
  Request for Changing Inventory Items and Work Request Form RC-21 - PDF
  Request to Remove Equipment from Campus RA-22 - PDF
  Stolen Property Report Form S-12 - PDF

Registrar's Office
  2011 Summer & Fall Class Maintenance Form - PDF
  Buckley Amendment - PDF
  College University Plan- PDF
  Course Fee Request Form - PDF - FMP
  Degree Works Exception Form - PDF
  Degree Works Degree Plan Change Form - PDF
  Declaration of Major Forms
  Declaration of Double Major Form - PDF
  Degree Candidate Instructions
  2010 Degree Works Degree Plan Change Form - Major
  2010 Degree Works Degree Plan Change Form - Minor
  Grade Degree Transfer Request - PDF - FMP
  Job Request - PDF - FMP
  Overload Approval - PDF
  Request for Copy of Official Transcript
  Request for Duplicate Diploma - PDF
  Resignation Request - PDF
  Resignation Agreement for Finals - PDF
  University Center Class Schedule Add Delete Change Form - PDF
  Request to Add or Change Policy - PDF - FMP
Residence Life
  Application for Housing
Risk Management
  Application for Employee Driving Permit
Shredding & Recycling
  Shredding and/or Recycling Pick Up Request Form
Travel Forms
  Affirmation, Waiver and Liability Release - PDF - FMP
  Authorization to Incur Actual Travel Expenses for Meals and Lodging - PDF
Emergency Medical Treatment - Minor - Adult
Guest Travel Expense Agreement Form - PDF
Monthly Mileage Report - PDF
  Office of State-Federal Relations, Report for State Agency Travel to Washington, D.C. - PDF
Release & Indemnification Agreement - Minor - Adult
  Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certification - PDF
Travel Advance Agreement/Check Request - PDF
Travel Cost Comparison - PDF
Travel Exemption Form - PDF
Travel Expense Report PDF
  Accountability Form for Traveling with Students - PDF