Semester Loans

Tuition & Fees:

Loans for tuition & fees are available for each installment based on the availability of funding.  The amount of the loan is calculated at the time of application.  Schedule changes may require addition tuition & fees loans.


Housing loans are no longer offered.   Please check with Residence Life for additional information.


Dining loans are no longer offered.  Please check with Residence Life for additional information.

Short-term Loans for Books:

Short-term loans are currently unavailable.  This feature will be added at a later time.

Charges Included in a Tuition & Fees Loan:

Tuition & Fees loans cover current charges only.  These loans apply only to tuition & fees, and do not cover items such as:

Tuition & Fees Loan Interest Charges:

Students will be charged a 5% per annum interest charge over the loan period.

Short-term Loan Interest Charges:

Currently unavailable.

Tuition & Fees Loan Eligibility Requirements:

Tuition and Fees loans are open to all SHSU students who meet the following requirements:

Short-term Book Loan Eligibility Requirements:

When available, Short-term Book loans will be open to all SHSU students who have a COMPLETED Financial Aid file.

Who May Apply for Tuition & Fees Loans:

Tuition & Fees loans are open to all SHSU students who meet the eligibility requirements.  Students must register for classes before applying for the loan.



Applying for an Semester Loan



How to Apply:


  1. Log into Sam Web,
  2. Select "Financial Aid",
  3. Under the GUI Programs, select the ETFL01M - LOAN APPLICATION PROGRAM .
  4. Enter the requested information into the General Loan Application
  5. Select "Continue"
  6. You will be prompted to read the Certification statement of the General Loan Application . If you have read these terms and agree to them, please select the box.
  7. Select "Continue"
  8. If approved for the loan, you will be automatically redirected to the section titled Current Loans Pending Signature .
  9. Select the emergency loan that you would like to sign.
  10. Select "Sign Promissory Note"
  11. Read the Promissory Note
  12. Three options will appear at the bottom of the Promissory Note (you must scroll all the way down the page):
  13. Upon signing the note, a box will appear that the note has been signed.  You will be provided with two options;
  14. Repeat to apply for, and to sign for, any additional emergency loans.
  15. Exit the program upon completion.



Printing a Signed Semester Loan

Note:  Use this option to print a previously signed Promissory Note.

  1. Log into the Sam Web
  2. Select the ETFL03RG - VIEW/PRINT PROM NOTE program under the GUI Programs section of Financial Aid.
  3. Enter your Sam ID
  4. Enter the Semester/Year that the Promissory Note is for.
  5. Select the signed Promissory Note that you would like to print.
  6. Select "Print Selected Note"  - You will have the option to view the Promissory Note before printing or sending the note directly to the printer.
  7. Repeat these steps to print any additional Promissory Note copies.
  8. Exit the program upon completion.