The Tradition is the online edition of the Division of Student Services newsletter. It is dedicated to recognizing the achievements and accomplishments of our students who through their involvement bring recognition to Sam Houston State University.

Student Service Fee Travel Funds are available to provide financial assistance to SHSU students/student organizations, who, participate in local (off-campus), regional, state, national and international student events, conferences, competition, etc. These funds are not intended to support strictly academic programming.

Campus Life Development Funds are intended for on campus and Huntsville area events. Each year, the SSF Committee goes through a process to establish and support new program development. After proposals are submitted and presented to the SSF committee for funding consideration, the committee then meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters to consider funding requests. These funds may not be used for scholarships, stipends, or funding permanent positions.

We invite you to read about their experiences, travels, and events, and how they have benefited from their participation. As conveyed in the division motto, "Enhancing Learning for Student Success," the Division of Student Services is dedicated to providing our students with opportunities and resources that will promote life skills within the academic environment.

For more information regarding requesting travel funds or campus life development funds, visit Student Services, read and follow the instructions listed on the Student Service Fee Travel Fund/Policy Guidelines or the Campus Life Development Fund Guidelines.


Mr. Frank Parker, Vice President for Student Services

Rosa Escamilla Coss, Student Services, Managing Editor

Debbie Nichols, Assisting Editor