The Tradition


submitted by: PSY CHI/Psychology Club

This was a great experience! Attendees were able to network with others who share similar interests, gather information about several different psychology-related topics, build a mentor/student relationship between professors from the SHSU campus, and learn about the methods of presenting at conferences. The presentations offered opportunities to talk with different students about the research they conducted, ask about the logic behind the research as well as its implications, discuss methodology and ask questions regarding future research. There were studies from areas such as, cognition, sports psychology, school psychology, experimental, and many more. This allowed the participants to explore their interests in psychology as well as other areas.

Some SHSU professors also attended the conference, providing an opportunity to see them engaged in their field.  This also offered an opportunity to build a better student-teacher relationship, which helps in approaching them to seek their advice regarding school and research.

For many SWPA members, this was the first time attending a psychology conference.  This experience has given club members confidence to conduct more research and present at future conferences. It also helped the club grow stronger, and as individuals, gave members insight in their futures as potential psychologists. Overall this experience was beneficial in developing professional aspirations. Back


submitted by: Victoria Rowland, Secretary, AITP Sam Houston State University Chapter

Members of the Association of Information Technology Professionals of SHSU attended the 2013 AITP National Collegiate Conference on April 4-7, 2013, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Matthew Henson, Victoria Rowland, Manuel Solorio, Mir Ahsan, and Ben Kashou competed in various PC troubleshooting challenges. Out of 80 applicants, 12 were certified by ICCP. Mr. Henson was among the recipients; he received his Associate Computing Professional certification.

The conference provided an opportunity to gain knowledge in troubleshooting, Office Solutions, and security.  It also provided an opportunity to network with university students and faculty from New York, Los Angeles, Mississippi, and many others, and they were able to submit their resumes to companies such as Visa, USAA, State of Mississippi, and FNC.Back


submitted by: David I. Griffin, Director, SH Baptist Student Ministry

As part of their “Beach Reach,” SHSU BSM headed to South Padre Island during Spring Break to serve college-aged students spending their Spring Break at S. Padre Island. Their purpose was to keep students (some from SHSU), from driving under the influence of alcohol. They did this by providing 15-passenger van rides from the beach and clubs back to hotels, and by serving them free pancakes in the mornings. Along with other BSM members from around the state, they were able to give 12,564 van rides and provided a pancake breakfast to over 15,000 people, while keeping them safe and off the roads. Back


submitted by: Amanda Self, Cru@SAM

Over spring break 2013, Campus Crusade for Christ at SHSU (Cru) attended a national conference known as, Big Break in Panama City, Florida. Students were able to attend the conference and spend spring break in a positive, self-building atmosphere. There were 1200 students in attendance ranging from North Dakota State to Yale University.

Morning sessions offered practical training on speaking to fellow spring breakers on the beach about the spiritual area of their life, through a variety of tools to help them better communicate and share with others. Throughout the day students were given the opportunity to take part in service and outreach on the beach and surrounding areas in Panama City. Evenings were concluded with another session that provided worship, more leadership training, and the opportunity to share afternoon experiences. The conference provided occasions to bond as a group, and overall, was beneficial to all that attended.

Cru’s goal is to make the gospel more accessible to all students of Sam Houston State University. After attending the Big Break conference, students gained training and experience that will improve their abilities to share the gospel and better serve their fellow Bearkats. Back


submitted by: Sheridan Labbé, Secretary, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Members of the SHSU Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana on March 21-24, 2013, to attend the Annual South Central Regional Conference. As we arrived at our hotel, the southern hospitality of the city and the host chapters were instantly and graciously welcoming.

The theme this year was, Jazz and Pizazz: Leading The Way Through Timeless Service. The many plenary of sessions provided opportunities to meet sorority sisters of all ages, attend a formal gala, and dozens of workshops for undergraduate members. The workshops were very beneficial.  They will help the SHSU AKA chapter to better serve the community.  Overall, the conference offered a very educational and cultural experience. Back


submitted by: Eliza Harris, Secretary, Black Student Alliance

The 36th Annual Big XII Conference on Black Student Government was hosted at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. All of the attendees were able to gain valuable information on how to change and impact their campus in a positive manner. The conference offered students the opportunity to experience inspirational speakers, uplifting workshops, participate in social and cultural events throughout the day, as well as network with business executives from across the country. The theme of this year’s conference was, “The Talented Tenth: Redefining Black Student Leadership.” All participants were well informed in regards to the background of the Talented Tenth, and how to use past leaders as role models to create new leaders in this generation. On the last day of the conference, scholarships were awarded.  SHSU student Brittany Hooey, received a $1,000 scholarship!

SHSU Black Student Alliance looks forward to giving back to our campus through the capacities learned at the leadership conference. “The Measure of a Life is its Service” is a motto that we plan to live by as a student organization at Sam Houston State University. We are excited and ready to help in the growth of this great institution! Back


submitted by: SHSU Horticulture Club

PLANET was invented in 1969 by the Horticulture Department at Mississippi State University, when they decided to incorporate business courses into its offerings, with the idea of graduating students with strong horticulture skills, business training and Cooperative Education experience. This year the event took place at Auburn University in Alabama. While at PLANET, the group was able to connect with professionals in the landscape industry from all over the United States. Some of the events that they competed in were: leadership skills, truck and trailer operation, plant installation, 3D exterior landscape design, construction cost estimating, hardscape installation, sales presentation, and many others. The competition lasted for three days, and all of the six competing individuals had a wonderful time. Each of the competitors placed high in their events and overall did well.  All of the individual scores combined placed SHSU high in the rankings among the other competing schools. Back


submitted by: Amber Jamison, Treasurer, ACDA Sam Choral Educators

For four days, nine chapter members were immersed in high-level musicianship, exposed to choral music of many different styles, eras and cultural origins, and learned from the top professionals in their field through interactive master classes during the National American Choral Director’s Association convention held in Dallas, Texas

SHSU ACDA members were able to network and connect with other ACDA student chapters from around the nation, providing valuable opportunities to learn from successful chapters at other schools.

Students were able to meet representatives from esteemed choral programs such as Yale University, Westminster Choir College, the Boston Conservatory and several others, allowing them to look beyond Sam Houston to institutions fostering renowned graduate and doctoral-level programs in music. Additionally, they attended reading sessions where members were given free samples of the newest music on the market, exposing them to current trends in composition and performance.

They were able to learn about such diverse topics as:

  • Choral music in the Muslim world
  • The voice types of middle-school boys and how to classify them
  • The changing role of youth choirs in church music
  • John Rutter’s choral music in performance
  • Incorporating multi-media technology into the music classroom and, many more

During the conference, competitions were open to the public, giving participants an opportunity to view and better understand how they compare with other universities.

This experience revealed a growing level of enthusiasm among the members, sharing new ideas for their own future choirs while reflecting on what they had experienced each day; they were truly inspired.

Because the conference took place on the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, two persistent themes of the conference were remembering the past and unifying people through music. These two themes were presented in musical groups of all types: a California children’s choir, a Minnesota community chorus, professional Tallis Scholar singers, and even in the collegiate ensembles, “we saw music bringing people together who would never speak to each other otherwise, to form some of the most extraordinary music.” Pieces written half a millennium ago were not only remembered; but; brought to life by these dedicated performers. Back


submitted by: George Garcia, Rec Sports Fitness student employee

Mallory Collins, Sierra Paul, Katie Chapman, and George Garcia attended the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA:APEX) workshop in San Antonio, Texas. They were able to bond as peers and coworkers, and were given the opportunity to further their education in fitness. This reinforced and strengthened their prior knowledge in their field of study, and also gave them insight to new regulations, protocols, and safety measures within the fitness world. These two forms of support helped them succeed in passing the practical and written exams. “We left the workshop knowing more than we had entering it, and our fitness practices are changing because of it. Hopefully this new information will give our department a sturdier foundation; with more educated instructors come safer exercise conditions for our clients and patrons.  Overall, the experience was fun and saturated in comprehension of our field, it was a beneficial choice in advancing within our department.” Back


submitted by: Robert Arriaga, President, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Members of SHSU Tau Kappa Epsilon attended the regional leadership conference held at Atlanta, GA on February 15-17, 2013. The conference offered participants a variety of workshops with such topics as: Academics, Planning/Organization, Recruitment, Service/Philanthropy, Campus Image/Relations, Alumni Development, Financial Management and Risk Management. Members gained a lot of important information and hope to be able to implement it to improve their chapter. "This conference was a huge success for our fraternity. I can honestly say that this experience has allowed us to become more knowledgeable about Tau Kappa Epsilon and it also gave us insight on ways we can contribute more to our University," said Mr. Arriaga. In addition, this conference has taught us how to conduct ourselves as gentleman at all times and more importantly, how to exemplify the motto of our University, “The Measure of a Life is its Service.” We hope to attend more regional leadership conferences in the future! Back


submitted by: Fabiola Sanchez, President, Destino@SHSU

Destino Winter Conference is a national conference held annually in San Antonio, Texas.  University students from around the country come together to learn about a strong relationship with God, gain tips on impacting their campus, and listen to and learn from prestigious speakers that motivate and inspire students to become leaders who will have a positive impact at their universities.

Destino@Sam was able to bring 8 students to the conference this year, which was held on January 16-18, 2013, at the Courtyard Marriot SeaWorld in San Antonio.  Approximately 350 other students from around the U.S. were also in attendance.

Attending this conference provided SHSU students the opportunity to gain and improve powerful leadership skills. These include: courage, communication, discernment, initiative, listening, and relationship building. All of these qualities have made a great impact on our organization and have allowed us to serve both within the Bearkat community and the Huntsville community as well. We were also able to experience our culture with our fellow Latino brothers and sisters in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas, which is known for its Latino culture.

Destino@Sam is now better equipped to live by our school's motto, "The Measure of a Life is its Service." Back


submitted by: Malicia Donaldson, President, Ignite

SHSUs Ignite Ministry took a 16-hour trip to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Passion 2013 Student Conference on January 1-5, 2013. Over 2,200 universities from all around the United States and overseas were represented.

Passion actually began down the road from us in College Station back in the 1990s. Although it has been in existence for some time, it was reiterated during our time in Atlanta that the focus and goals have never changed throughout the years of Passion. However, their focus for this year was to bring a global awareness to a problem that most people thought had ended with the Emancipation Proclamation slavery.

According to our government's records, there are more than 27 million slaves in our world today. Most of these slaves are women and children. Most of the women and children are trafficked for sex. Unfortunately, Houston, Texas is a big port for traffickers into the United States. The I-10 and I-45 corridors are used to transport people in animal cages to others who would exploit them for money and their own gratification. This information struck a chord with our students and will be shared with the SHSU campus community in hopes of getting more people involved to help stop human trafficking.

Since then, members of Ignite Ministry have connected with other students on campus and have organized a day of awareness throughout campus. We have contacted an organization in Houston and have scheduled a trip to learn more about this issue. In fact, we recently learned, that in an effort to bring more awareness about this problem to the campus community, the Department of Criminal Justice at SHSU showed a documentary about human trafficking. Back


submitted by: Yemi Otulana, President, Cru@SAM

Cru@SAM students attended the Regional Winter conference held in Fort Worth Texas on January 1-5, 2013.  They joined over 800 students from various campuses around the Red River Region, including: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana in a spiritual development, and learning how to sustain that throughout college.

Participants were given a choice of optional workshops to attend during the day. The meetings consisted of hearing from The Bible, and learning how to be leaders and role models to our fellow college students. The students also engaged in a Flash Mob where they were able to have meaningful and spiritual conversations with tailgaters and learn how to be a better spokesperson.

Winter Conference helped Cru@Sam because it allowed students to come together and learn more about their purpose at SHSU. It also allowed for a safe place for students to share what they hoped to see change at their respective universities, as well as providing resources that students would not normally have access to such as training videos and workshops with helpful Q&A sessions. Winter Conference helps SHSU overall by equipping Cru students with the confidence in knowing that they can have an impact with their lives through serving, caring for fellow Bearkats, and being a leader in their communities. It also motivated students in taking initiative to make a change on campus. Back


submitted by: Kevin Butler, ETA MU

The brothers of the ETA MU chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated were granted the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the 2013 National Undergraduate Summit, on January 25-26, 2013. The trip helped the brothers of Omega Psi Phi conduct meetings and establish friendships with omega men across the Unites States of America. For more information about the Chapter or upcoming events, visit the official website of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Back


submitted by: Champale Thomas, Vice President, Women's Club Basketball

The Sam Houston Women's Club Basketball team had a wonderful experience at the 2013 Georgia Southern University Regional Basketball Tournament held on February 22-24, 2013. The 16-hour drive there and back created a memorable experience and an opportunity for team bonding. For many of the Women's Club Basketball team members, this was their first trip outside of the state of Texas. This experience gave them the opportunity to see different parts of the United States, and during the trip they were able to build a better relationship with their team members, which benefits the team both on and off the courts. This was noticeable during the first game during the tournament.  “There were a lot of better decisions made as far as passing and shooting go. Somehow, we managed to begin to trust one another in a way that we never had before.”

We were very proud that we were able to play and represent Sam Houston State University during this tournament, and be able to experience the different level of basketball players on the east coast of the United States. They play different; a more structured game, and typically tried slowing the ball down to get us to make mistakes.  We tend to play a faster paced game, so we had to adapt quickly making them disoriented enough to force turnovers. Back


submitted by: Tabitha Radwanki, Chase Guillory, Rosa Mejia, Rusty Caldwell, and Ashley Morris, Rec Sports Club Members

During the month of March 2013, various Rec Sports club members attended the National Intramural-Recreatonal Sports Association Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The conference provided opportunities to attend various informative sessions, fitness classes and a fitness expo.  It also offered an opportunity to network with other leaders from universities within the region. Rusty Caldwell, Intramural and Club Sports Graduate Assistant at SHSU, was the recipient of a 2013 NIRSA Foundation Scholarship Award, and the Salado Consortium (Texas) Scholarship.

Undergranduate participants seeking graduate level positions received informational packets concerning job opportunities within the field of Recreational Sports. Back


submitted by: Chase Giddings

The Midwest Clinic is an International Band and Orchestra Clinic held each year in Chicago with over 16,000 participants, representing all 50 states and 30 foreign countries. The group, mostly made up of music education majors, looked to enhance their overall knowledge of their major by attending clinics given by world renowned master pedagogues in the field of music. The opening night featured a concert given by the United States Air Force Band under the direction of Colonel Larry Lang. Following the outstanding opening night concert, each day featured clinics in which the students could learn increasingly more about their field of study and at night thousands would pack the hall for that evening’s concert performance. Performers ranged from the youngest of junior high school students to the top of the line professional groups. Performances and clinics from native Texas bands and clinicians, included: The Woodlands High School from The Woodlands, Texas, Marcus High School from Flower Mound, and Henry Middle School from Austin, as well as The University of Houston Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. SHSU’s own Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Matthew McInturf also presented a clinic. Some notable names in attendance at the convention were world-renowned trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and former conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin.

Since the clinic was held in Chicago, the group had the opportunity to explore the city and take part in some of its fine cuisines. They experienced authentic Chicago deep-dish style pizza at Giordano’s, toured Wrigley Field, Home of the Chicago Cubs and one of America’s oldest ballparks, went to the top the tallest skyscraper in North America, Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower), stepped out on the Navy Pier and walked through Millennium Park where the silver bean stands next to the ice skating rink, and the Art Institute of Chicago and experienced many famous works by Picasso, Monet, and Rembrandt. After their sight seeing tour, they took in a performance by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall playing music of Shostakovich, Rousse, and Tchaikovsky. As musicians, we all agreed that we had experienced in some regards musicianship at its highest level. Back


submitted by: Lisa Salinas, Treasurer, Collegiate Percussion Association

On October 31, 2012, through November 3, 2012, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) was held in Austin, Texas. Usually the convention is held in Indianapolis and the last time the convention was held in Texas was in 2008. This years’ convention site made it possible for 17 of the 25 active percussionists in the Sam Houston State Percussion Studio to attend the International Convention: Lisa Salinas, Kathyrn Rosslner, Hannah Talton, Hunter Fagerquist, Sevy DeLeon, Garrett Tagliabue, Jack Mc Queen, Joel Garza, Josh Ferguson, Andrew Shannon Myers, Michael Salinas, Dustin Stahmer, Robert Lowery, John Maldenaldo, Charles Stott, Adam Garcia and Carlos Comancho.

The Percussive Arts Society International Convention is the largest percussion event in the world featuring over 150 concerts, clinics, master classes, labs, workshops, panels and presentations. The finest artists from all over the world are invited to present and perform at PASIC. The program showcases all areas of percussion, including: drumset, marching, keyboard, symphonic, world, recreational, education, music technology, new music, and health & wellness.

The cost of the convention can be rather expensive for independent college students, but luckily the Percussive Arts Society International Convention offers non-fiscal alternatives that several Sam Houston State Students were able to utilize. The PASIC Logistics Team makes it possible to attend and participate in the convention, get a behind the scenes view of the show and save some money. As a logistics team, students may meet some of their favorite artists, be entered to win gear donated from the exhibitors, receive a free souvenir t-shirt, or if you're a student, have the chance to win a scholarship. Pictured below, is SHSU student Andrew Shannon-Myers with this year’s complementary convention Logistic team t-shirt and Kathryn Roessler.

PASIC seeks numerous hard working and enthusiastic individuals to share their time, talent, and knowledge to this exciting international event. For this reasons SHSU students were able to get into the convention by means of the Marching Crew. Marching Crew offers work behind the scenes alongside the judges and PAS Marching Committee members.

The International Drum and Percussion Expo was the perfect place for drummers and percussionists of all ages and skill levels to experience over 100 exhibitors showcasing the latest instruments, music, technology, sticks, mallets, publications, educational materials and more. The expo allowed percussion performance majors Nick Honeycutt and Servando De Leon the means to expand their percussion instrumental repertoire.

All in all PASIC was an enriching event that the students of Sam Houston State are very thankful for the experience. Back