Pike University Leadership Summit

Students attend Dallas Summit

submitted by: Francisco Gabilondo, Jr., Secretary, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Epsilon Pi Chapter

The Epsilon Pi chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity had the opportunity to attend a Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas. Pike University is a forum in which successful members of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity serve their society by giving back to undergraduates.  This includes: presenting various tracks aimed to hone the skills required to be a great student leader, and to seek self-improvement in their chapter, and their school. Tracks such as “health and safety” address the topics of common college life, and how to stay away from potential threats that can be detrimental to the chapter and school population alike. The track supplies the attendee with great advice on how to host or regulate events in a safe environment, while learning good risk management skills. During the conference lunch, SHSU Pikes had the opportunity to meet with members of other chapters from neighboring universities. This round table discussion gave everyone the opportunity to exchange information and plan future events. Another outstanding track focused on “Social Media” and the many dangers it entails. Members learned that social networks could impact the reputation of fraternities and their schools if precautions are not taken when posting events. The various tracks provided useful information when using communication networks, and how to use them as a recruitment tool for future Bearkats and Pikes, without creating the risk of potential liabilities. One of the final tracks was aimed towards the “Legal Basics for College Students.” In this presentation, the speaker gave undergraduates valuable advice in case they are presented with a situation that involves the law. The day ended with the traditional Awards Banquet where members had an opportunity to sit with alumni from SFA and SHSU. During the closing ceremony, Francisco Gabilondo was presented with the Garnet Certification award for his accomplishments. He commented, “Overall, the trip was a success. We are proud to travel away from our campus, displaying our orange pride, and letting others see how success unfolds.”   Back

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