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submitted by: The Sociology Club

Various SHSU members of The Sociology Club were able to attend the Southwest Social Science Association (SSSA) conference in New Orleans. The attendees gained a better understanding of some of the purposes of conferences, such as, being able to talk to professors and graduate students from other universities and obtain a variety of views and opinions regarding research subjects.  This was helpful, particularly for those considering graduate school.

In addition, the content of the presentations served as a point of reference in comparing the quality of work to that of other students. Witnessing critiques of presenter’s works also taught the importance of understanding everything about a project, particularly statistical analysis and reasons for choosing a particular method, as well as keeping an open mind to the criticisms; all of which can help in furthering the presenters research.

The conference provided participants an opportunity to interact with professors and graduate students outside of the classroom and office setting, which facilitated discussing various topics related to sociology and research.

Being able to visit a city like New Orleans gave everyone the chance to be exposed to the local metropolitan culture, from jazz clubs to street musicians, and historical architecture of many of the older buildings, offered a point of comparison to the rural life at Sam Houston State University.

Overall, the conference was a valuable experience with a preview into three areas that are vital for any prospective sociologist, the rigor of the academic realm, closer bonds with both professors and other students, and cultural contrast awareness with the norms and experiences of participants. Back

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