Parent Information about Student Legal & Mediation Services

Why Do Students Need Legal Assistance?

Many of our students are in a “coming of age” period where they are encountering significant academic, social and even legal responsibilities, for the first time in their lives. Sam Houston has an attorney on staff to provide legal consultation to students. It is our hope that students use the service as a preventative measure, to learn about their rights and responsibilities before entering contractual commitments or making decisions with long term future impact. However, in addition answering general legal questions, we are also here to advise students who find themselves involved in a legal controversy.

Types of Legal Issues

While we provide advising on a number of topics, the top four reasons students request to meet with our attorney are:

Landlord/Tenant Concerns
Family Law Issues
Alcohol Related Criminal Matters
Consumer Contracts

What We Do

We will meet with your son or daughter, review their situation, answer questions about the applicable law and discuss their legal options. To protect confidentiality, all student consultations are conducted in-person, individually. We do not share details of the consultation, or the fact that the students consulted with an attorney, with other individuals or university departments.

Using Our Service

We know your son or daughter’s legal issue is of great concern to you. We urge you to let them know about our service and ask them to make an appointment to speak with our attorney.

Other Parent Resources

Our Dean of Students’ Parent Relations Office has a wealth of information for Sam Houston State parents.