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Sam Houston State University Student Services will be a premier division in creating a student culture for learning, leading, and developing.


The role of the Division of Student Services is to complement the total educational mission of the University by providing opportunities for students to develop and grow in an academic environment. This is accomplished by offering quality programs and services. Studies indicate that learning occurs in an environment conducive to social, recreational, educational, and intellectual interaction. A variety of Student Services programs are designed to foster such interaction with students, faculty, staff, and the University community. The division contributes to the learning experiences of our students, by helping them to become educated, enlightened, and empowered in ways that they can achieve and contribute as productive citizens in a global society.


The Mission of the Division of Student Services is to initiate opportunities and provide resources for all students, which promote life skills and development within the academic environment. As an integral partner in the educational process, Student Services provides quality programs and services for students and staff which foster growth and development. Departments within the division embrace a student development philosophy that emphasizes a holistic approach in co-curriculum involvement.


  1. Foster the development of an inclusive community.
  2. Provide innovative programs and services that attract and retain targeted student groups.
  3. Develop facility infrastructure to support strategically identified needs.
  4. Foster professional and personal development of staff in order to further address the ever-changing demographics of higher education.
  5. Encourage student participation through satisfaction with programs and services.
  6. Engage students in programs and services that promote critical thinking and lifelong learning skills.


Enhancing Learning for Student Success

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