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About the Laboratory

The Student Health Center Laboratory is accredited with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA). The Health Center Lab is staffed by registered Medical Technologists that process a variety of in-house testing that can be done with the minimum amount of time to assist in the medical diagnoses and treatment of the students by in-house practitioners. Lab tests include but are not limited to wet prep for vaginal infections, rapid urine pregnancy tests, rapid mono screen tests (infectious mononucleosis), complete urinalysis, rapid strep tests, flu tests (Influenza A & B), and fingerstick glucose. Tests not performed in the lab are collected and sent to a reference lab. Ordered tests are usually completed and reported within 2 to 3 days to the Health Center. Those that require a longer testing time are reported as soon as results as available.

The Laboratory can also accept test orders by any licensed medical practitioner from outside the Student Health Center. All requests for this lab work will need to be entered into the Student Health Center computer system.

In compliance with state and federal laws, the Lab cannot release personal health information without a student's written consent. Laboratory services are available to students at convenient and reasonable cost.

Laboratory Prices

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