Want to Quit Smoking?

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START making your plan

Set your plan.  Pick a date you want to start the quitting process

Tell your friends and family that you are quitting. Your friends and family can be great resources in your fight to quit.  Make sure they know what your plans are.

Anticipate the challenges that lie ahead.  Quitting isn't easy.  Most people who pick up smoking again do so within the first three months of quitting.  Make a plan so that you are prepared for the challenges such as nicotine withdrawal and cravings.

Remove tobacco products from your life.  This included things like lighters, ashtrays, and matches.  Washing anything that smells like smoke helps as well.

Talk to a doctor.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Your doctor can prescribe medications or offer products that can make things easier for you.

Combat your cravings - What to expect

Feeling like lighting up again?  Try some of these handy tips.

Stay active - Go for a walk around the neighborhood or so some push ups in your room.  Even a little bit of physical activity helps.

Read a book or play a game - These activities can help take your mind off the craving.

Get hydrated - A tall glass of cold water can help minimize your cravings.

Adopt a healthier diet

Try out medication or breathing techniques - Using relaxation techniques can help soothe your mind and let you focus on other things.

Find a replacement, like sunflower seeds or gum

What to do if you start smoking again

Remember that a slip-up is not the end of the world.

Find the trigger - What made you start again?

Stop it from becoming worse - Throw out the rest of the pack so you can get back on track.

Learn from the experience - What helped the most?  What didn't help?

Need some extra help?

Nicotine replacement products are always an option.

The Student Health Center offers nicotine gum and other replacements to SHSU students.

Nicotine patches are available at half price to SHSU students and at full price to SHSU faculty/staff.

Call the Student Health Center for more information at (936) 294-1805.

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