Good SAM

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Be a Good SAM

The Good SAM program is SHSU's Good Samaritan program.  Sometimes, when potentially harmful or dangerous situations occur that involve alcohol or drugs people may be reluctant to call for help.  This is often because of a fear that they can face consequences for something they shouldn't have been doing.  With the Good SAM program we guarantee amnesty to anyone that is acting in the best interest of someone else.  So, if you ever feel that the safety or well-being of someone else is in danger, don't hesitate to make the call!

How to Get Help On-Campus

If you, or a friend, are in need of help for alcohol or drug abuse, there are resources on campus to help you.

For ALCOHOL OVERDOSE, contact EMS IMMEDIATELY! On campus, call 4-1000. Off-campus, dial 911.

  1. Call 911 immediately (4-1000 from campus phones)
  2. Do not leave the person alone
  3. Monitor the person's breathing and heart rate periodically
  4. If breathing or heart rate ceases, begin CPR
  5. If vomiting occurs, clear the airway by sweeping vomited material out of the person's mouth

To contact the University Crisis Team, call the University Police Department at (936) 294-1794 or in an emergency situation; dial 4-1000 on campus.

For help regarding substance abuse and addiction issues, contact the SHSU Counseling Center for set up an appointment by calling (936) 294-1720.

If you were sexually assaulted or suspect that you were sexually assaulted, contact the Sexual Assault Response Team. A team member will be dispatched to help you.

  1. Between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., call (936) 294-1720
  2. Anytime, call UPD at (936) 294-1794.

For help regarding violations of the student guidelines or risk management procedures, contact the Dean of Students Office at (936) 294-1785 or visit and Ask the Raven.

For non-emergency medical help, contact the Student Health Center at (936) 294-1805.

For all other questions or concerns, contact the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Initiative at (936) 294-2228.