Making an Appointment

The Student Health Center sees SHSU students only. Please see our office hours at the bottom of this page before making your appointment. Appointments may be made either in person or by telephone at (936) 294-1805.

Appointments are available Monday - Friday, 8:00a.m. to 11:00a.m. and 1:00p.m. to 4:15p.m. Appointments from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00p.m., Monday - Thursday are available for emergency situations only. Please expect your appointment to take at least an hour from entry to exit.

The patient is responsible for arriving on time for their appointment and canceling their appointment if they are unable to keep it. Failure to provide verbal notification of an appointment cancellation at least one hour in advance will result in the patient incurring a $25.00 "no-show" fee.

Para estudiantes internacional, se habla espanol.

Patient's Rights and Responsibilities

Preparing for your Appointment

  • Bring the names and dosages of all medications you are currently taking.
  • Bring the names of all medication allergies.
  • Be prepared to tell us about your medical history. For example, tell us that you have asthma, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Be prepared to tell us your family history (parents, brother, and sister). For example, tell us if your mom has diabetes, sister has a heart problem, etc.

Please arrive 20-30 minutes early before your appointment time. Plan that your appointment will take at least an hour from entry to exit, and may take longer depending on the problem.

Preparing for a Pap Smear

For 2 Days before the appointment DO NOT:

  • Use Tampons
  • Use Vaginal Creams, Suppositories, or Medicines
  • Use Vaginal Sprays or Powders
  • Have Any Sexual Contact
  • Douch

Any of the above can cause inaccurate abnormal results, which will lead to further testing and costs you may not need.

It is best to do the Pap Test 10-20 days after the first day of your last period. We will not be able to do the test if you are currently bleeding, so let us know before your appointment so we can reschedule.

Hours of Operation

Department Semester Hours Summer Hours
Medical Clinic 8:00a.m. - 6:00p.m., Monday - Thursday

8:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Friday

Closed on University Holidays
8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m
Laboratory 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Closed on University Holidays
8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Pharmacy 8:30a.m. - 5:30p.m., Monday - Thursday

8:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Friday

Closed on University Holidays
8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Dental Office 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m., Monday - Friday

Appointments Monday - Thursday

Closed on University Holidays
Please call
(936) 207-8472

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