The Allergy Clinic

Receiving Your Allergy Injections at the SHC

Beginning on January 1, 2014, ALL patients will be required to have an epi pen with them at the time of injection.

FOR YOUR SAFETY, YOU MUST RECEIVE YOUR FIRST ALLERGY INJECTION(S) AT YOUR ALLERGIST'S OFFICE. When initiating or restarting immunotherapy, return to your allergist for care. The Student Health Center will not initiate injections, but they will give you a subsequent injection for a fee.

To begin receiving allergy injections at the SHSU Student Health Center, please provide us with the following information:

  • Proof that you allergist is licensed to practice in Texas.
  • An allergy serum that has been labeled with the patient's name, serum, strength, and expiration date.
  • Documentation of the last injection(s) which includes the vial name, the date given, the dose, reaction, and nurse's signature.
  • Specific, clear orders from the allergist that includes the dose schedule, instructions for late injections and reactions signed by physicians.

Please Note: Failure to provide any of the above information may result in our refusal to administer injections.

Please have the above documentation sent to the Student Health Center by mail, fax, or by dropping the items off at our front desk for submission. A nurse will contact you when the necessary information has all been received and will assist you in scheduling an appointment with a physician here at the SHSU Student Health Center. The SHC Physician will give his final approval for receiving injections at the Student Health Center.

Once the initial process has been completed, you will simply call the Student Health Center at (936) 294-1805 to schedule subsequent appointments through the Nurse's Clinic. Injections are given by appointment only. Please call one week in advance.

Please Note: For immunotherapy to be effective, it is essential that you receive your injections according to your allergist's schedule. Failure to be compliant, may result in a loss of privileges of receiving injections at the SHSU Student Health Center.

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