The 13th Annual Diversity Leadership Conference: A Seat at the Table

Sam Houston State University

February 10 & 11, 2017


Diversity Leadership Conference Workshop Tracks

The Diversity Council is excited to introduce workshop tracks to this year's Diversity Leadership Conference! Conference participants have the option of attending the Diversity Leadership Conference workshops based upon which track aligns with their interests.

Social Justice & Activism

This track is designed to deepen your understanding of social justice issues. This is your chance to connect with other students, staff, and faculty on challenging ideas that are prevalent in today's society. Student & Campus activism has also risen as a result of the increasing awareness in social justice issues. Workshops that address activism also fall within this track.

Identity & Personal Development

This track is designed for conference attendees to explore their own identity & others that exist. Workshops that fall under this conference track educate attendees on the various forms of identities, specifically highlighting marginalized communities. There is also a chance for attendees to learn more about intersectional identity in workshops within this track.

Leadership Development

This track is designed for conference attendees that are interested in brushing up on skills that are necessary to be an effective leader in today's global society.

Advisor/Graduate Student

This track is designed but not limited for conference attendees that are graduate students, student organization advisors, staff and faculty. Workshops within this track address the issues that campus administrators/faculty may face in their institution.


Session I: 10:40 AM - 11:30 AM

Overcoming Bias
Presented by Teja Arboleda
Workshop Tracks: Identity & Personal Development | Social Justice & Activism
Location: LSC 304

Led by Professor of Race and Ethnic Relations and Diversity Consultant Teja Arboleda, M.Ed., Overcoming Bias is a workshop through which attendees learn to perceive and manage their own biases in order to live, work and communicate effectively in an increasingly diverse world. Attendees will learn how to improve relationships, develop critical thinking perspectives on diversity issues and gain insight into cultural construction of identity. 

New Me, Who Dis?
Presented by Willie Dean
Workshop Tracks: Identity & Personal Development
Location: LSC 306

The student will be able to assess, analyze and employ immediate resources to establish a brand in a millennial world.

Rethinking Personal Culture: How to use the core things that define us as a platform for leadership
Presented by Mercia Bakouetilla
Workshop Tracks: Identity & Personal Development | Leadership Development
Location: LSC 315

This interactive workshop will help attendees gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural differences. Topics covered will include the importance of cultural competence in today's society, practical ways to improve one's cultural competence, and how to use one's culture as a platform to become a leader on campus. The workshop will give students the opportunity to first experience different cultures and countries’ customs before allowing them to be challenged in their definition of cultural diversity through identifying the key things that define their own personal culture. This workshop also aims to ignite in students a desire to travel, study abroad, or interact with someone from a different culture on our SHSU campus.

More Action, Less Title: Empowering Leaders to Do More
Presented by James Robilotta
Workshop Tracks: Leadership Development
Location: LSC 321

Congratulations on getting a leadership position, high-5s all around! Being a leader in your organization, however, is an action, not just a title. If you’re a newly appointed chair who wants to attack your new role or a seasoned brother or sister who wants to leave a meaningful legacy, this session is for you! This session will breathe new life into the act of empowering members by challenging them to do better through a three-part strategy: challenging, motivating and appreciating your peers. Attendees will leave this session with a new strategic plan for how to positively impact members of their organizations by boosting morale and increasing retention. Attendees will also giggle.

• Learn how appreciation leads to increased productivity and retention.
• Learn how to implement PHEAM (Posture, Handshake, Energy, and Attitude, will make you Memorable) to better motivate new members.
• Discover importance of challenging members to give them ownership over the success and/or failure of the group.

SESSION II: 11:40 AM - 12:30 PM

Presented by Deondre Moore
Workshop Tracks: Identity & Personal Development | Social Justice & Activism
Location: LSC 302

After this presentation, attendees will have a better understanding of the needs and expectations of minority communities that marginalize their own, because of one’s sexual orientation. From the very beginning of the HIV epidemic, Black LGBTQ persons in the United States have been disproportionately impacted by HIV infection compared to all other Black Americans. Our nation’s inability to effectively address HIV infections among Black LGBT folk while making major progress among other heavily impacted populations in the Black community is one of the greatest failures of the U.S. HIV/AIDS response. As HIV among both Black Americans and LGBT persons becomes increasingly concentrated among Black LGBTQ, we must move beyond talk and engage in concrete action to turn things around.

Healing Racism
Presented by Teja Arboleda
Workshop Tracks: Social Justice & Activism
Location: LSC 304

 Based on Teja Arboleda’s acclaimed lecture Healing Racism, this workshop offers tools and techniques to overcome and overturn the dramatic rise in racism and bigotry. 2016 saw an unparalleled increase in hate crimes, hate speech, racism and bigotry in schools, communities and in the media. Depression, even suicide are at historic levels particularly among young people of color and immigrants. Through group dialogue, support and affirmation, attendants will come together in powerful unity, to heal themselves and their loved ones, and focus on eliminating hate.

Walking Billboard: You are your biggest competition!
Presented by Angelique Price
Workshop Tracks: Leadership Development | Identity & Personal Development
Location: LSC 306

Student leaders will learn how to actively establish their personal brand through examples, and interactive activities. The following concepts will be addressed:

  1. Create the right tagline
  2. Stand out from crowd
  3. Develop your company culture
  4. Be patient with your brand
  5. Be consistent
  6. Get help
  7. Put people first

Branding is more than a concept but a lifestyle.

Diversity and Social Justice & the 2017 Women’s March
Presented by Dr. April Shamek
Workshop Tracks: Social Justice & Activism | Identity & Personal Development
Location: LSC 321

Attendees will gain information and learn strategies for enacting social justice on their campus and in their community.

SESSION III: 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM

The Current State of Secular Politics
Presented by London Sneden
Workshop Tracks: Identity & Personal Development | Social Justice & Activism
Location: LSC 302

The goal of the workshop will be to give the audience an interactive presentation on the rise of religious nones in the United States, do they have a seat at the table, the importance of secularism, what a secular government looks like, and the activism is going on in the Secular/Atheist movements. This presentation will be highly political and will touch on issues that are intertwined with secularism that would largely be resolved if the establishment clause was better respected (e.g. LGBTQ+ issues, women's rights issues, educational issues, etc). Secular issues on an international level will also be briefly presented on before breaking into question, answer, and hopefully an audience led discussion.

The Social Struggle: Creating Equality through Knowledge & Definitions
Presented by Kalyn Cavazos
Workshop Tracks: Identity & Personal Development | Social Justice & Activism
Location: LSC 304

In this workshop, attendees will explore language, definitions, and prejudice that people face in today’s current society. Participants will be asked to pair up with another participant they do not know and define respect. This activity will be the precursor to establishing respect in all activities and dialogues conducted during the workshop.

At the end of this workshop, participants will recognize that we define our own truth and various definitions do not always match. We will also discuss privilege, different types of oppression, and how we can use our voice and actions to start making social change occur. Students will be able to learn the importance of language when discussing multicultural education initiatives and will have a better understanding of the language associated with social justice. Students will be able to develop a better understanding of prejudice and how to effectively communicate their ideas and thoughts centered on multicultural education and initiatives.

Presented by Kathryn Vanderhoef, Michael Soderman, Ty Chumley, Camille Nguyen
Workshop Tracks: Identity & Personal Development
Location: LSC 306
  1. Spectrum Activity (an activity to show how gender identity and sexual orientation changes throughout the years)
  2. Genderbread Man (a group discussion activity to define various aspects of identity)
    1. Biological Sex
    2. Sexual Orientation
    3. Romantic Orientation
    4. Gender Identity
  3. Gender/Sexuality terms and definitions. It is a universally accepted truth that humans fear the unknown. For many, this includes the existence of LGBT culture. Through education of the public, we aim to dispel myths about LGBT individuals and garner more acceptance for their identities.

Lead like the Best!
Presented by Alford Simon
Workshop Tracks: Leadership Development
Location: LSC 315

Lead like the Best by Alford Simon is a revolutionary book filled with fundamental principles and tools to impact individuals who are serious about enhancing their leadership abilities. This presentation will discuss critical principles and tools that a leader will need to impact those that he/she serves, while also offering effective personal development techniques. Leadership is service and the only way to serve effectively is to be the best you.

Phase 1: Empower
In phase 1 of the session, we will focus on empowering the participants that are there through motivation techniques and practical steps that can help them achieve greater leadership abilities and insight.
Phase 2: Equip
We will equip the participants with the right mindset they will need to lead. They will write down what they feel are their weaknesses and then they will find at least 3 ways to improve each weakness they wrote down. Then they will write down their strengths. At this point, they will be taught how to capitalize on their strengths and enhance their weaknesses which will cause them to grow as a leader and start "Leading like the Best."
Phase 3: Elevate
At this phase, I will let the participants know that the impossible is possible. I will have them write down what they feel like is impossible, maybe it is a dream, maybe it is an obstacle, or maybe it is a fear. They will right down this impossibility, and then I will have them to write in big words over it POSSIBLE. I will explain why the impossible can become possible through an acronym called P.U.S.H (Persist, Until, Something, Happens)
No Shade, No Tea
Presented by Jerrine Baker
Workshop Tracks: Identity & Personal Development
Location: LSC 321

"No Shade, No Tea," is a workshop that explores the faithful, yet offensive tendencies in Americans to be microaggressive towards the African American community without acknowledging it and forces us all to open the dialogue explicitly. Students should leave the workshop aware of these tendencies and hopefully better equipped to regulate them.