Race off: Race is a pigment of your imagination

Presented by Teja Arboleda

This live, multimedia and heavy musical beat-entrenched audience interaction program is based on Teja Arboleda’s wildly successful, national touring video, Race Off. Arboleda challenges the audience to wipe away assumptions about racial identity and jump start a cultural revolution that will turn the word race in to a four-letter word! The main feature of Race Off is a video which ‘morphs between 13 faces so slowly that you can’t tell the difference between them. Arboleda then takes the audience on a charged tour of the history of racial categories, the impact of race in society and the future of identity.

Accept yourself before you wreck yourself

Presented by Robin Cloud

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you had the courage to follow that voice inside you? Gay or straight, coming out to the world in a way that reveals your authentic self is the greatest act of courage. Combining humor and her own personal experience, Cloud explores the power and freedom that she gained when she bravely came out of the closet as a teenager. This program aims to educate and enlighten audience members on the LGBTQ experience and inspire individuals to transform their fears into acts of courage.

Retaining men of color on campus: Exploration of academic and non-academic factors that support or barrier(s) to the success of collegiate men of color.

Presented by Dr. Reggie Hall, Garrett Hughes, D’Ante Phillips, Cory Brown, Trent Lintzen, Deontre Bolton, Jose Lopez, Omar Wyatt, and Brandon Hyatt

Attendees will learn of the shared and varied college experiences of undergraduate men of color. The goal is to explore the men’s perceptions on how academic factors served as supportive mechanisms or barriers to their persistence at their respective university. This presentation panel will include men involved in the university supported men program for men of color.

Strength, stigma, and construction of identity: Women’s path to self-acceptance

Presented by Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason, Chelsea McDuff, Ivana Marsh, Klarissa Perez, and Janna Beth Foster

Attendees will gain knowledge of societal stigmas that influence women’s identities of self and others. Panelists bring diverse perspectives of women’s roles with strength, identity, and acceptance in this workshop. The overall goal is to explore gender roles’ impact on personality characteristics, "acceptable" behaviors and activities, and self-acceptance. Attendees will collaboratively examine words and events and reflect individually throughout this presentation. All genders will find something of interest in this presentation and, hopefully, view strength and the role of stigma with critical lenses.

Race Relations and Stereotypes

Presented by Dr. Tatcho Mindiola

This workshop will focus upon the Mexican American population, its history, demographics, self-identification, culture, politics, and relations with other Hispanics and other groups. The growth of the Mexican population in the U.S. is a result of immigration from Mexico and high birth rates but it should not be forgotten that Mexicans lived in the southwest.

From the Streets to the Stage

Presented by Monti Washington

From The Streets to The Stage is an interactive presentation, designed to help students gain the problem solving skills needed to be successful inside and outside of the classroom. Through crowd participation, storytelling, and other unique forms of entertainment, students will be engaged, encouraged, and empowered to make it from the streets of their minds, to the stage of their dreams.

The Need to be ELITE: A Minority, Male Initiative

Presented by Members of the SH ELITE Program

This workshop emphasizes the need for minority male initiatives in higher education, specifically for populations whose academic performance has been historically subpar, namely African American and Hispanic Males. The Sam Houston Establishing Leadership In and Through Education (SH ELITE) Program is an initiative that targets these populations and provides resources to foster academic success in first-time, minority male, freshmen. 

Finding Nemo: Living with our identities

Presented by Ashley Taylor and Ahmet Aksoy

This workshop aims to educate individuals on understanding and respecting not only their own open/hidden identities but also their fellow counterparts open/hidden identities. In order to do so students will participate in an interactive activity that will educate and help them with understanding. The Finding Nemo analogy will be used in order to relate the concept of open and hidden identities to the audience. Along with the activity and explanation of the Finding Nemo analogy, information and discussion will be held to educate the audience on the importance of valuing and respecting differences and ways to use that knowledge in their leadership roles.

Got Skills?: A Look at Interpersonal Skills in a Diverse Environment

Presented by Members of the SH ELITE Program

This workshop focuses on the skills that individuals need to work in a diverse, professional environment, where diversity is not restricted to Race and Ethnicity. Diversity facets such as age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, etc., have an overlap in the interpersonal skills needed to accommodate a collaborative environment. The current workshop will discuss these skills and ways to enhance them throughout your college career.

The Social Mediated Woman: Exploring Self, Others, Social Issues, and "Face" in the Digital Age

Presented by Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason, Rosalia Leon, Abril Perez, Amara Oji, Jasmine Njoku, Margarita Oronia, Vanessa Plata, Allison Pohl, Ashley Woodard, and Klarissa Perez

This program aims to make individuals knowledgeable of the current research of social media and identity as it pertains to women in our society. Panelists are all members of the Tarleton Bold Women’s Leadership Program. They will present on the idea of digital identity, social media and its relationship to current events, identity, and perception of others. The overall goal of this workshop is to critically construct a dialogue with the audience that examines social media and its role(s) in their lives, particularly for women.


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