The purpose of the Diversity Council is to educate all students, faculty and staff of Sam Houston State University on diversity.  The Diversity Council works continually to educate on issues of diversity and multiculturalism including how to effectively address these issues in higher education and student leadership. Through programs, events and the Diversity Leadership Conference, the Diversity Council vows to educate the campus community on diversity, leadership and multiculturalism. 



In 2005, the then named Office of Multicultural and International Student Services, housed under the Department of Student Activities, created the Diversity Council.  The Council was primarily created to plan and implement the Diversity Leadership Conference but has grown to serve a higher purpose.  The Council is made up of a eight member Board of Directors and an Advisor that all work for one purpose, serving the students, faculty and staff of SHSU while educating those on diversity.  



The purpose of the Diversity Council is to provide an equal-opportunity environment within the Sam Houston State University campus that promotes diversity in all aspects of life. Through programs and an annual Diversity Leadership Conference, the council strives to educate students and professors alike in an effort to eliminate stereotypes. The goal of the Diversity Council is to create a positive environment for individuals who face diversity on the basis (but not limited to) age, culture, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or social status. By challenging discrimination through education, the Diversity Council strives to supply a stepping stone toward a more inclusive environment for the Sam Houston State University community.

Diversity Council Board of Directors

 Victoria Adeniran, Co-Executive Director



Name: Victoria Adeniran

Position: Co-Executive Director

Major: Bio-Medical Sciences/ Pre-Med

Hometown: Houston, TX


What does Diversity mean to you?

Diversity is the uniqueness of an individual, not just race, color, sexual orientation or gender, but what they believe inside of them. Diversity is not just differences, but similarities and individuals being able to accept one another, the experiences one has been through plus their viewpoints all contribute to a diverse individual.


Fun Fact: I have lived in 4 different continents!

Jessica Haynie, Co-Executive Director



Name: Jessica Haynie

Position: Co-Executive Director

Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown: Dallas, TX

What does Diversity mean to you?

Diversity is what I am. I am a heterosexual, Afro-Latina woman raised in a Christian home. It is the blending of all aspects of people whether it be there religious/political views, sexual orientation, race and many other attributions that make them different from their neighbor.


Fun Fact: I have a Beauty/Lifestyle Blog!

Curlita Meshack, Coordinator


Name: Curlita Meshack

Position: Coordinator

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Dallas, TX


What does Diversity mean to you?

I believe diversity means accepting and appreciating individuals with a different culture, gender, race, and/or lifestyle than your own.


Fun Fact: I am named after my grandmother Curl Lee!

Toni Olamigoke, Programming


Name: Toni Olamigoke

Position: Programming

Major: Public Health

Hometown: Houston, TX


What does Diversity mean to you?

Diversity is accepting everyone for who they are no matter their race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or gender. Everyone comes from a diverse background and that is truly what makes everybody who they are!


Fun Fact: I almost got hit by a car by James from scandal in California!

Grace Macjones, Marketing



Name: Grace Macjones

Position: Marketing

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Ashburn, VA


What does Diversity mean to you?

Diversity means recognizing that everyone is different. We should accept and appreciate people for who they are by learning about what makes them different; whether it be their race, culture, religion, etc.


Fun Fact: I have never been to the beach!

Haven Gomez


Name: Haven Gomez

Major: English

Minor: Creative Writing

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Houston, TX

What does Diversity mean to you? 

Diversity is the quality of having a group of people defined by and accepted for their individuality. It is accepting people’s differences and looking past anything physical in order to see the person as who they are. This is such a difficult task, especially in a world based upon stereotypes and prejudice. I believe that achieving diversity is a process in which we must examine our own emotions and ingrained prejudices deep below the surface throughout our lives in reaction to situations we’ve been thrust into and the media. Accepting people’s differences will be a lifelong battle between your conscious and subconscious and must first be conquered through the foundations of knowledge.

Fun Fact: I love the outdoors so much I work at a camp where I’ve become lifeguard certified, ropes certified, and I try to go rock climbing multiple times a month.

Ashley Lewis, Outreach


Name: Ashley Lewis

Position: Outreach

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Houston, TX


What does Diversity mean to you?

The definition of diversity to me means a mix of individuals (different race, religion, sex, age, social class and sexual orientation) all working and living together to make the community a safe place.


Fun Fact: Dancing is my life. Whether it be when I am making a dance or because someone brought me food, I am always hitting a move!

Travis Ross, Treasurer



Name: Travis Ross

Position: Treasurer

Age: 21

Major: Finance

Hometown: Missouri City, TX


What does Diversity mean to you?

Diversity is the coming together of everyone and their beliefs, religion and other aspects of their culture into one setting.


Fun Fact: I have a twin brother!